11 Health Benefits I notice from doing Infrared Saunas

Following on from last weeks post on Heat Sensitivity, Cold Sensitivity & Infrared Sauna Therapy this week I want to share with you all the beautiful health benefits I’ve been experiencing from using my infrared sauna dome. These I think you’ll love! because it honestly makes me feel amazing!!

In that previous post I talked about how my heat sensitivity has healed to a point where I can do saunas again so if your wondering how on earth I can stand them, please check out that post.

I’ve been doing 1-2 sessions per week which I’ve been sharing on instagram and I’ve had many questions about it so I thought I’d let you know how it’s all been going, how easy it is to setup and all the epic health benefits that I’ve been seeing and feeling in my body, including some that have directly improved my symptoms.


setting up the dome

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to set-up, it only takes me a few minutes.


  1. Take the mat and unfold on the floor close to a double power outlet (or use a double adapter)

  2. Place 1 towel over the mat and 1 folded towel over the pillow and the top of the mat (as shown in the video)

  3. Place the Lower smaller dome first at the bottom followed by the upper dome that slots over top

  4. Attach the velcro curtain to the opening of the Upper Dome which helps to hold the heat in once the sauna is turned on

  5. From the Power Box, plug the “Lower Dome” chord into the Lower Dome and the “Upper Dome” chord into the Upper Dome. This is marked on the power box clearly above each chord

  6. Plug the control box and the heated mat into the wall

  7. Turn the control box and the mat on and set as required. The power box gives a clear indication of the heat of each level. For the mat I set to level 4 at 60 minutes. For the Dome I set both the Upper and Lower Dome to level 4 which heats to between 52-57 degrees celsius for 60 minutes as well. I’ve found this the perfect heat setting for me right now.

  8. I give the sauna 30 minutes to heat up then I wriggle my way inside in my swimmers and sweat it out for the remaining 30 minutes

  9. Once the time is up it will beep, I wriggle out and jump straight in to a cold shower to cool off

The health benefits i’ve noticed

  • warmth & relaxation

Once I jump in my whole body completely lets go and chills out, it literally feels like I’m laying on the beach on a tropical island, literally a cocoon of warmth. And, because your laying down you can completely switch off, close your eyes and drift away.

  • INCREASEs CIRCULATION - warms from the inside

After about 15-20 minutes when the heat has risen I feel my heart rate increase and the blood pumping around my body faster increasing my circulation and warming my cold hands and feet from the inside which feels amazing. My whole body stays warm for hours afterwards which also helps to stay relaxed for the rest of the evening.

  • De-stresses me

Because the sauna is so warm and relaxing this activates the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest mode) or healing mode as I like to call it. When your body is in such a relaxed state it can safely start to heal instead of using all its energy for survival mode (fight or flight). To amp up the relaxation factor I like to meditate and put my oil burner on with relaxing essential oils. This makes for the perfect wind-down ritual at the end of the day.

The parasympathetic nervous system is one of three divisions of the autonomic nervous system. Sometimes called the rest and digest system, the parasympathetic system conserves energy as it slows the heart rate, increases intestinal and gland activity, and relaxes sphincter muscles in the gastrointestinal tract.
— www.sciencedaily.com

I've discovered over the years that my over-active bladder is seasonal. Winter use to make my bladder go into over-drive which wasn’t much fun at all. But the sauna has been incredible for my bladder which was one thing I wasn't expecting. The sauna calms it down within minutes of jumping in. This is the very first Winter I havn't suffered with an over-active bladder and the very first Winter I havn't had to take medication for it.

  • calmed the burning sensations on my face

Burning sensations on my face have come and gone over the years since diagnosis somewhat persistently. Since I've been using the sauna I havn't noticed this symptom at all which is a relief, even with all the stress at work this year. When I started with saunas after diagnosis I did one when my bladder was in over-drive and I had burning sensations on my face. I thought maybe I shouldn’t do one as it could aggravate things, but it didn’t. Within about 10 minutes I felt completely relaxed, my badder calmed right down and the feeling went away then by the end the burning on my face had gone. I can’t remember the last time I felt this symptom, it has been months and months.

  • clearer skin

I always notice that my skin is nice and clear the next day and any blemishes seem to minimise and heal much more quickly. I love the effect saunas have on my skin, you also notice a lovely glow.

  • clearer thinking

I'm not sure how it does it but I get a really lovely clarity of mind the next day, like a heavy fog has lifted and my thinking becomes clearer. I feel more calm and centered as well.

  • better sleep

The sauna definitely have a beneficial effect on my sleep because it leaves you feeling super relaxed. After a session I feel so chilled out that I tend to drift off into a super restful nights sleep. I notice I'll wake up in the morning in the same position I fell asleep in, no tossing or turning. I did a sauna yesterday evening and slept 11hrs last night like a baby and I feel so great today. 

  • increased energy levels

The next day I always feel light on my feet and ready to tackle anything. Having a great nights sleep, increased circulation, clearer thinking and the relaxation aspect of the sauna has a lovely holistic effect that leaves you feeling really energised.

  • detoxifying

Infrared saunas are synonymous with aiding detox. They are also a safer way to help the body cleanse toxins by eliminating them out through the skin instead of the bowel where they risk being re-absorbed. This was the number one reason why I wanted to do saunas again after diagnosis, to help my body cleanse out any unwanted toxins and help free it up for healing. Toxins can be anything from pesticides on our food, hormones in plastics, exhaust fumes, heavy metals, flame retardants on fabrics, chemicals in cleaning products and make-up - things we’re exposed to daily. Studies show that infrared saunas actually expel toxins from the body via sweat and have a hugely beneficial effect on our over-all health - studies linked here.

I’m also using my sauna very regularly as part of a heavy metal detox to help remove mercury from my system after having my silver fillings removed - 2 down, 3 to go!

  • happier disposition

One of the best benefits I notice is the increased level of happiness I get afterwards. This is probably due to better sleep, clearer skin, increased energy and a clearer mind which all has a really lovely holistic effect that really boosts the spirits. 

  • other great benefits

With the Dome sauna’s your head is out in the fresh air easing the effect of the heat on your head. My head still heats up but it’s definitely not as much as a fully enclosed sauna and your still reaping all the lovely benefits. Infrared saunas are also great for cellulite reduction, reduction in aches and pains, weight loss, boosting metabolism and immunity. This winter while using my dome I havn’t had 1 case of the flu or any other sickness.

In a nutshell

11 Benefits I get from doing infrared saunas

  • warmth & relaxation


  • De-stresses me


  • calmed the burning sensations on my face

  • clearer skin

  • clearer thinking

  • better sleep

  • increased energy levels

  • detoxifying

  • happier disposition

Increased energy levels and cognition, clearer skin, improved symptoms, better sleep and a happier mood - I don’t know if anything else comes close to having such a holistic and beneficial effect on ones health and happiness. Doing regular infrared saunas has been such a great therapy to help elevate my healing and happiness. Not only do I get to have an enjoyable relaxing experience, but I also reap more amazing benefits the next day and the more I do them. Plus I’m detoxing all those nasty toxins and chemicals out of my body at the same time!

If your wondering if this is for you but your not sure, I’d have a good think about how your body is affected by the cold and the heat and also speak with your specialist. For me given my intolerance for the cold and the healing I’ve already experienced on OMS and Tysabri I felt ready. But I couldn't have done them straight after my diagnosis and definitely not during the first year. Now I only use them in the cooler temperatures. Heat therapy in the cold and cold therapy in the heat is how I tackle things with my body but you may be completely different.

If you’ve gotten to a great place in your healing and your feeling confident but a little apprehensive. I was a little anxious for my first sauna after diagnosis but I was completely fine. You never know until you try and you can always jump out, your not locked in. It's a completely safe therapy that's designed to support your body with detox, healing and wellness and you can keep the heat nice and low and slowly increase as you go.

If you are going to start there are a few things I recommend…

  1. Drink plenty of water before, during and after to avoid dehydration and help flush out toxins

  2. Try doing a cold shower afterwards

  3. Don’t eat a huge meal before hand, if your hungry have a piece of fruit or raw treat instead

  4. Remember to let go and enjoy! it’s bliss!

If your interested in a Clearlight Sauna Dome like mine or any other models feel free to contact Helen at helen@clearlight-saunas.com.au she is super lovely and helpful, and be sure to mention the code SHWMS150 to receive an amazing $150 off your sauna.

I’d love to hear from others who are finding benefit from infrared saunas on their healing journey - what kind of benefits are you having? and any questions let me know.

Much Love x