Solar D - Sun Protection and Vitamin D in one!

This is such a great idea!!! These guys have done their research and created a sunscreen that allows us to still get our all important Vitamin D3 in. 

Solar D sunscreen is designed to let in more of the UVB rays that your body uses to naturally produce vitamin D3 whilst also screening out the harmful UV rays.

Did you also know that studies show that 1 in 3 Australians are now Vitamin D deficient?
Our lifestyle also adds to the problem. Working in buildings or driving a car, wearing long clothing, and cloud cover can all filter this vitamin D forming light. According to a recent article in the Harvard Medical Schools Health Publication β€œSunscreens are a dilemma, because they block UVB light (that your body uses to produce vitamin D).

Solar D is also completely free from parabens, PABA and oxybenzone, and available at Woolworths, Target, IGA and Amcal pharmacies.

Much Love!