Lesion free in 6 months

Today I have some great news that I want to share, I guess the heading is already a giveaway but I had my first neurologist appointment for 2016 today and it couldn't have gone any better unless he'd told me they'd found a cure.

I had my first 6 month MRI since diagnoses on Friday and he showed me the results. The 2 lesions I had have completely healed. The large lesion in my brainstem has gone and the other little lesion has gone also. By gone I mean I couldn't see any big white plaques on the MRI at all. I'm so happy!! that was my goal to try and get rid of them completly.

Curl Curl Beach, Sydney

Curl Curl Beach, Sydney

All of us in the office including my neurologist looked so relieved and happy, it's an immense relief that i'm getting better. Now I just need to maintain these great results.

I still have symptoms i'm dealing with which are exacerbated by tiredness or a fluctuation in hormones. So i'm thinking there's some residual damage we can't see on the MRI that still needs work. But like they say it can take up to 5 years to stabilise on the OMS program. But so far i'm pretty happy with the results and it's given me the encouragement to keep going. All the hard work and vigilance is paying off. It's a pretty great feeling!