Disability is merely a label - changing our perspective on MS

Surfers, Freshwater Beach, NSW

Surfers, Freshwater Beach, NSW

I've recently discovered the Podcast Library on the OMS website. It is such a great resource, definitely jump on and have a listen there are so many interesting audio's. Dr Jelinek himself talks about different topics relating to Overcoming MS, it's all really positive and reassuring.

One that caught my attention was his podcast on "The Professor Reflects On The Meaning Of Disability In Western Society" which you can listen to here. I wanted to share this because we so often hear about the traditional beliefs of MS, that its degenerative and the threat of disability is always looming. But Professor Jelinek offers a really great perspective on disability and why OMS'ers have every reason to be positive about the future.

He starts by talking about disability in the Western world, inspired by seeing a significantly overweight couple eating a breakfast piled high with all the wrong foods - bacon, eggs, animal protein and chips and no vegetables. Then he observed the gentleman try and get out of his seat. Because the man was so overweight and out of condition he observed "a significant lack of ability" of this man to get out of his chair, he really struggled and was really quite disabled.

He thought that it was quite possible this person did have a diagnoses for say diabetes, certainly eating that kind of food and being so overweight could indicate this. But also it was quite possible he didn't have any diagnoses. And yet this man is somewhat unknowingly or knowingly, slowly but surely, disabling himself through poor food choices, grossly over sized food portions, lack of conditioning/exercise and by being overweight.

On the contrary and the positive news for us, through the retreats that Dr Jelinek runs yearly he sees that many many people with MS on the OMS program are fit, healthy and well. They arn't disabled in comparison to people who live with no diagnoses.  And concludes...


"It doesnt matter what labels the medical world applies to us in terms of illness.

If you live really well like on OMS, chances are you will be very well and very ablE."

- prof. George Jelinek