Superfood series - S P I R U L I N A, another confusing topic

This week I was all ready to post on Spirulina, however after more research I discovered, to my dismay, that Spirulina could possibly have an immune stimulating effect. And therefore not be good for those of us with MS or autoimmune disease. It's so frustrating because it has so many health benefits I thought it would've been fantastic for us. However studies in other autoimmune diseases have shown stimulating effects and for that reason it's not recommended.

I've found blogs about people with MS taking it that are absolutely fine and beating their MS, here and here, even Dr Terry Wahls takes it. I've found studies on pubmed with positive summaries on taking Spirulina while having MS here. I have also been taking it on and off since diagnoses, having no idea of this effect, and I've been completely fine. But many other websites, especially medical websites warn against taking it if you have an autoimmune disease.

It's really frustrating because it's such an incredible superfood powder. But I guess when you have MS things are different, not everything is good for us that the general population can tolerate. But, on the bright side, we always have kale, spinach, barley or wheat grass that we can add to our green smoothies.