Plant based chocolate cake - the best!!

Plant based chocolate cake

Plant based chocolate cake

I found this recipe through a friend who shared it on Facebook, and i'm so thankful she did. I have been searching for a great tasting cake that we on OMS can actually eat. Something that ticks all the boxes for OMS and is also refined sugar free and gluten free, but this cake is also nut free and soy free, and it only contains a small amount of coconut oil in the icing and a small amount of coconut flour. So looking at that per piece, as long as I don't have too much (which is easy as it's very rich), the saturated fat isn't of too much concern to me. However if you do avoid coconut oil you could try the recipe without it.

What I love about this recipe is that it's a chocolate cake with whole foods in it. Yes pumpkin, cauliflower and avocado and it actually tastes good. You don't get many chocolate cakes like that!

I made this yesterday and I have a few tips for you...

  • Stick to 20 x 20cm cake tin, anything bigger and you'll have more of a slice/brownie situation.
  • I used Chia eggs and i've found that baking always takes longer with Chia eggs, it can take over double time
  • Omit coconut oil in the icing or sub out for another OMS compliant oil
Plant-based chocolate cake - the double layer version.

Plant-based chocolate cake - the double layer version.

  • I used macadamia nut oil as it's really stable in high heat, low in sat fat, and it has a lovely, delicate flavour. However in the recent OMS book Dr Jelinek recommends EVOO (Extra virgin olive oil) for baking.
  • I used a nutri bullet for the icing, I put it all in and blended it up and it came out lovely and smooth, you will not know your eating cauliflower puree!
  • You can't split the cakes with a knife as they're very delicate, so best to bake them separately if you want to make double.
  • I have also tried this recipe using some organic, free range eggs from family friends. Knowing they're into organics and beautiful food (they also give us the most amazing organic avocados) I decided to use them as I knew they'd have lots of goodness in them. And the cake came out lovely and light and fluffy. This was an exception but it really made the cake so much nicer than with the chia eggs. 

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Good luck! and let me know how you go!