Tahitian Noni Juice for MS

Certified Organic Cook Islands Noni Juice - pure undiluted

Certified Organic Cook Islands Noni Juice - pure undiluted

Following on from a post I did a while ago on a book that I highly recommend called Managing Multiple Sclerosis Naturally by Judy Graham.  In her book, she talks about Noni Juice being of help to people with MS. I was naturally curious - what is this noni fruit? I know Miranda Kerr swears by it and i'm in love with her organic skincare range, but really - will it be good for me and especially can it help MS?. So after some research into noni I wanted to delve into the world of noni juice this week and talk about its many health benefits, if and how it can help MS, and how i've felt taking it. 

Noni fruit comes from the Morinda Citrifolia fruit, found in the south pacific region where it's been used for its health benefits by the natives for thousands of years. Scientists claim the immense antioxidant potential is valuable in treating inflammatory conditions like arthritis and disorders related to the central nervous system including MS.





So far i've found the following reported benefits...

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-septic
  • Immune boosting
  • Aids in digestion
  • Stimulates serotonin and melatonin
  • Enables better absorption of vitamins and minerals in the body
  • Tumor shrinking
  • Protection from oxidative damage
  • Good for bone health
  • Libido boosting
  • Energy boosting
  • Contributes to normal formation of connective tissue
  • Prevention of cancer
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Maintenance of cardiovascular health
  • Muscle relaxing
  • Relief from memory problems and conditions like gout and diabetes.

It has a pretty impressive profile and i've read other benefits in people's comments on their own experiences taking Noni.

Scientists have discovered something quite unique about this fruit - it can literally shrink tumours. Something in it inhibits the tumor growth causing it to shrink. Cancer patients have reported this over and over.

Another impressive component in the Noni juice is iridoids, which make the Noni juice a dark colour. Noni is considered a good source of bioactive iridoids. In an article I found on the topic of Noni where Dr Paul Nanna was being interviewed ...

Iridoids..."he said are commonly found in medicinal plants, he defined them as bioactives with a wide range of activities which include analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular, anti-mutagenic, anti-tumour, anti-hepatotoxic, hypoglycaemic, purgative, immune enhancement, antimicrobial and antiviral activities. The benefits of iridoids are associated with a wide range of health benefits. They provide support against a broad range of physical, chemical or biological stressors. They have a normalizing effect on the human body that targets imbalances without affecting properly functioning systems. And they do all this without producing toxic side effects. Now let's have a look at specific benefits" linked here.

He actually uses Noni as part of a holistic treatment for his cancer patients. He also explained that...

"Researchers have found Noni iridoids to be DNA protective, promote healthy inflammatory response, protective of cells, promote joint flexibility, cholesterol-friendly, supportive of healthy blood glucose levels, prevent and protect against cancer and protect against stroke". www.pharmanewsonline.com

Experts and researchers on Noni iridoids at a Iridoid symposium in 2012 all concluded that Noni iridoids...

Certified Organic Cook Islands Noni Juice - pure undiluted

Certified Organic Cook Islands Noni Juice - pure undiluted

1. Support healthy circulatory function (blood flow)

2. Enhance cognitive function

3. Support healthy inflammatory response

4. Reduce advanced glycation end products or A.G.E's

5. Promotes healthy angiogenesis - the development of new blood vessels

6. Helps normalise blood sugar levels

7. Helps augment or increase immune system function.

Dr Neil Solomon who is apparently the world’s "authority on Noni" is a former John Hopkins professor and medical columnist. He's spent a decade studying the health benefits of Noni Juice and reports on a survey conducted on more than 25,000 Noni drinkers with data collected from 1227 doctors and health professionals.


"The benefits listed included, but were not restricted to, cures for allergy, arthritis, asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, cholesterol, fibromyalgia, depression, diabetes 1 & 2, digestions, enlarged prostrate, heart disease, high blood pressure, immune system, kidney disease, pain, respiratory problems, skin disorders, sleeplessness, stress, Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and even assisting people to give up smoking." www.pharmanewsonline.com

I also found another fantastic article on consumerhealth.org by 2 doctors. One who has patients that have reported many benefits from taking Noni. And one with an interest in Noni and its affects on the body. The full article linked above is well worth a read.

One of the doctors in the article Dr. Mona Harrison explains...

"I have a real variety of patients who have benefitted from Tahitian Noni juice, and it would seem to many people that something magical is happening here because it affects so many bodily systems. But there is a very scientific explanation for how something so simple, just a juice, can have such widespread effects.

Ancient manuscripts call the different glands in the body seals, and by a seal, we mean something which opens and closes. Ancient medical literature states that the glands actually operate according to frequency, a term which is becoming very popular these days in nuclear and quantum physics. The frequency of the glands was known thousands of years ago, but we have forgotten much of this information. In ancient terms, the pineal gland was called the sixth seal or sixth gland of the body. We have recently discovered that it stimulates two major hormones called serotonin and melatonin. The pineal gland controls the five other glands below it which are the thyroid which produces thyroxine to energize our cells, the thymus which protects you against infections and cancer, the pancreas which is involved with blood sugar and secreting the hormone insulin, the adrenal gland which responds every time you are under stress; and the first gland is the male and female sex organs and their hormones. Therefore restoring the sixth gland, the pineal gland, will have an impact on all those other glands and their functions in the body. When the pineal gland is at its peak performance, it turns a golden colour and emits a black juice as well as a golden oil. That black juice would be the melanin colour of the organs and every other area of the body which has a pigment.

It happens that Noni juice mimics the secretion coming from the pineal gland, and in fact acts as a precursor to it, building it up and allowing it to function fully. Noni juice has a black colour, very similar to the melanin that gives colour or pigment to each one of our organs. Every place our body contains this pigment will be affected by Noni juice.

The back of the eye has a black area called the macula which is pigmented with melanin. That is the area the light hits when your eye opens. Many people have difficulty with blindness because they no longer make that beautiful colour in that spot. We have noted the Noni juice makes the macula generate more pigment and the cells begin to return to normal, and the blindness reverses itself.

In the brain, that black stain is found in an area of the mid-brain called the substantia nigra, nigra standing for black. Diseases related to that area occur when it no longer receives pigment and begins to deteriorate. Diseases in this category are Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Appropriate function of the pineal gland is important in restoring those cells, and we are seeing patients reversing some of their neurological problems because the Noni juice is stimulating the production of chemicals essential to those areas of the brain.

This seems like such a simple explanation and actually makes sense. So with that in mind I thought i'd give it a try and see if it can help me with my symptoms.  I chose the Morinda Tahitian Noni brand because it's the original noni juice and it's what all the original research is based on. I get mine online at morinda.com. Also pure organic noni juice is apparently horrendous to take, the fruit is nicknamed 'cheese fruit' because it tastes and smells of blue cheese. With Morinda Noni they've added in some other beneficial juices like blueberry and grape juice to make it more palatable. I love the taste straight but choose to put it in some water to make it go further. I received my 1st bottle around feb/march this year and take about 30mils per day in water in the morning, i've since ordered another 8 bottles, currently on my 7th bottle. It's best to do first thing in the morning on an empty stomach and leave about 30 minutes before you eat your breakfast or take any supplements.

INITIALLY when I first started taking Noni around feb/march 2016

So far I literally feel clear headed, with more energy and a happier disposition. Another interesting thing I noticed is I felt like I was getting a sore throat, it felt a little scratchy, like the next day I might wake with a full blown sore throat but it never flared up at all, which I've never had happen before. It just stayed a little scratchy for a few days and now it's gone completely. So if that's the Noni I'm pretty happy.

UPDATE 19th sept 2016

I had to go off Noni for about 3 months as I couldn't afford it. I recently got quite run down and all my symptoms started to flare up. Whenever I have a symptom or symptoms bothering me I always try researching as much as possible on what could possibly help me. Noting this time it was really an overall feeling of blah, lethargy, nausea, appetite loss, bladder problems. And then I realised I havn't had Noni in ages, so I ordered some hoping it would help to get me back on track. I had 30mils as soon as I received it today and I already feel like my mood and disposition are better - which could be completely phycological but anyway.

UPDATE 11th October 2016

So i'm pretty much back on track. It's been 3 weeks taking the Noni again after a big break. I've been taking it easy these last few weeks, generally trying not to over-do it and i'm feeling great again. Literally broke into a slight jog on my walk this morning so my energy's on the up. I've also noticed an overall happier disposition so all good so far. I'm still taking 30ml a day in water first thing in the morning.

Update 15th Jan 2017

I finished my last bottle of Tahitian Noni a few months before Christmas and concluded its just so expensive for me right now.. So I did a little research and found a Certified Organic brand of pure Noni by "Cook Islands" that was much cheaper. Shipping was super speedy and I got 3 1L bottles for half the price of Morinda Tahitian Noni brand. I've just been diluting it in fresh squeezed juice or smoothies every morning and it tastes totally fine. Benefits wise -  the biggest thing I notice is the mood lift, it just makes me happier with a bit more spring in my step.