Blue Mind - The science behind why being near, in, on, or under water makes us feel happier, healthier, more connected and better at what we do

This week I want to share this beautiful book I recently bought for my Dads birthday called “Blue Mind” (cover pictured above).  If your an ocean lover like us you need to read this book. It’s all about how being in, on, or near the water can make us happier, healthier and better at what we do. It talks about neuro plasticity and the science behind the emotions people have felt about the ocean for hundreds of years. My dad grew up a keen surfer, now in his 60’s long-boarding on occasion is more his thing. And he loved it! he read it cover to cover, and now I’m reading it and loving it to.

Recently on TV there was a documentary on how “Surf Therapy” is being used to treat PTSD sufferers, mental health, ex soldiers, and also a boy with Autism. I’ve copied the link below. It’s definitely worth a watch as it interplays with the ideas I’ve discussed before on exercise and meditation. This will show you literally how the brain changes when out surfing which they liken to brain changes during meditation and “runners high”, the relaxing signals in the brain are fired up and the alert signals in the brain are dulled down just after riding a wave literally giving you a natural high.