The Connection

This is a really beautiful film, I absolutely loved watching it. It's about the relationship between the mind and the body and how it effects illness. Many great doctors speak on this film and it really made me realise that the mind is a very powerful gift. Believe you can and you will. The epiphany moment for me was when Dr Jelinek said the following

I think I got sick in hindsight because everything in my life was really out of whack. It was really out of balance and I was grossly over-committed to my work. And that was just the beginning of it. I mean, that was the thing that drove all the other things that ended up out of balance.
— Dr Jelinek

I couldn't agree more with this quote and it's something I can definitely relate to pre diagnosis. If there's one thing that having MS has taught me is you must always have balance in all areas of your life. And don't be afraid of a little self love, because without a happy healthy you, what use are you to anyone. This illness has given me permission to take the best care of myself that I can, and to really just be a whole lot easier on myself. Health, love and happiness come first for both me and my family now, and it's a really beautiful way to live. For the full film click below...