I watched this film last night after hearing the creator being interviewed on a podcast. He's a young Australian guy who was in search of answers for his fathers own health issues. He inevitably came across the power of nutrition to heal the body but couldn't quite convince his dad to make the transition.

So he set out to create a film interviewing the experts to try and convince his dad of the powers of nutrition to heal the body from disease. His goal was initially to create a small series but the footage was so powerful it was turned into this incredible film.

It's a another great reminder of the power of plant based foods and super-foods for healing the body, and an empowering watch. It really resonated with me having seen the changes in my body on OMS. I highly recommend you watch this if your still on the fence about nutrition for illness or your on a recovery protocol and wanting an uplifting film to watch.

The full feature is available on Apple TV.