7 benefits you'll notice in your body & life after starting OMS

Following on from last weeks post on How to get started & stay on track on OMS , this week I want to talk about some of the incredible pay-offs/benefits to giving it a go, because I don't think we talk enough about them, and I want to give you a little incentive.

These are all things i've noticed in my body and life after starting the OMS program that have also had a huge impact on my quality of life. And mainly to let you know it's not all about hard work and sacrifice. 

The first 3 points are probably quite obvious but I wanted to include them because they are some of the biggest benefits AND they're happening to me!



Obvious I know but it was my very first positive experience with MS. Reading the books, discovering the program, learning about the science behind it and reading about all the amazing recovery stories, I immediately regained hope and everything in my mind changed. I suddenly had hope for the future, hope for minimal or no disability, hope that I could live symptom free and stop disease activity if I gave it everything. To have hope restored after an MS diagnosis is incredible.


2. healing

It takes time but your body will start to heal. Your symptoms will start to fade. I remember this as my freezing episodes began to subside and eventually stop, my numbness started going, my balance got better and i'm even able to run again now which I never thought would be possible again. PLUS one of the biggest - fatigue! my fatigue has improved 10 fold and is constantly improving. It's such an amazing feeling and gives you so much to look forward to. Every so often i'll notice things improving, it's ongoing and i'm almost 2 years out from my initial episode and diagnosis. You might be thinking that it's because i'm on Tysabri and yes, of course that plays a big part. But DMD's don't manage symptoms they limit disease activity and relapses and thankfully I have had none. So diet is definitely playing a big role in me healing almost 2 years out from a relapse.


3. control

When I was going through the initial motions of dealing with my diagnosis I decided that I was going to focus on the positives and look at the things I could control in my life, and diet was one of them. An MS diagnosis can quite quickly have us feeling like everything is out of our control. So much of it is in the hands of the illness itself and it's unpredictable nature, or our neurologists and the healthcare system. But, OMS gave me back control - control over my diet, my body, my health and therefore my future, and its a really empowering feeling.



With all the exercise, sunshine and plant based goodness + good fats you will literally start to glow and your body will transform. It's not over night but it does happen. I've started to get comments now and i've heard others on OMS have received the same feedback. Also your body will keep you at a healthy normal weight while you eat what you want. I eat anything I want to in any amounts as long as its OMS and I have absolutely no fluctuations in my weight. I eat around 40mils of flaxseed oil per day, avocados, salmon, nuts and chia seeds all considered full of healthy fats along with lots of veges and superfoods and my weight just stays at a really even keel. I also don't suffer intense sugar cravings like I use to. The old me always needed something sweet around 3-4pm and after dinner but that has all vanished. Your body gets use to it over time and things adjust.



My old way of eating was pretty healthy I must say, but I would inevitably indulge - as you do, and sometimes a little too much, then i'd be paying for it either in weight fluctuations, belly aches, that overly full feeling AND guilt. But one thing I noticed almost overnight is that all the guilt over "naughty foods" you might have eaten just disappears. Because those foods are no longer in your diet it's no longer an issue and it's actually a really liberating feeling. Now if I indulge its with some raw slice i've made at home or plant based cake that I know is healthy and great for me, my body processes it better, i'm getting nutrients from it, I feel great and it's all good vibes. 



The OMS way of life is a pretty good recipe for an increased level of happiness with MS and it's certainly something i've noticed increase as i've gotten better, and all of the above play a massive role. There was actually a period about 4 months into OMS when I literally felt the happiness in my life start to creep back in as I started healing. I had been in a cloud of worry, sadness and disability for months since my diagnosis and having that lift was a beautiful experience. But, it's not just me, in the HOLISM study that Dr Jelinek ran the results showed that people with MS on OMS had an increased level of quality of life over people with MS not on OMS.

"Finally, a really important piece of research was published in Neurological Sciences. We wanted to compare the health of people with MS in the sample who had engaged with the OMS Program by going to a retreat, reading the OMS book, and visiting our website against those who hadn’t done that. Astonishingly, those engaging with the Program had 33% and 23% better physical and mental quality of life, one third the risk of significant fatigue, and one-tenth the risk of depression! Again, of all the other therapies available for MS, there is nothing out there that currently can provide this sort of outcome.

So overall, our research strongly supports the pillars of the OMS Recovery Program. People with MS following the Program can realistically expect to have markedly better health than those not following the Program." - overcomingms.org



It certainly became apparent the more films I watched on the benefits of a plant-based diet for fighting all illnesses and the more research and reading I did I realised that I was actually doing great benefit to my whole body and health in general, not just fighting MS. And with such an epidemic of autoimmune diseases these days it feels really good that i'm taking control of my health and helping to prevent a range of illnesses. I feel like the OMS way of life is something that everyone could benefit from especially diseases caused by the western diet and way of life like stress and heart disease. My parents have even adopted a lot of the principals of OMS as they've seen me heal and my boyfriends health and vitality has improved aswell. I also very rarely get sick anymore, I think i've had one cold in 2 years. However in saying that i'm very aware of sickness now and try to "nip it in the bud" asap when I feel run down. But with all the healthy healing foods going into your system daily your in much better stead anyway to battle other ails.

In a nutshell

1. hope

2. healing

3. control

4. A healthy fit body

5. no more guilt

6. a happier disposition / BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE

7. increased level of overall healtH

I hope thats helped you see that OMS isn't all about sacrifice and hard work, as you can see there are some really great positives to it aswell, and they all make you feel AMAZING. It does get easier the more you adapt to it, and the more you heal the better you feel and you'll realise it has all been 100% worth it.

Much love!