You can heal your life with Louise Hay

Here's a beautiful book that i've just finished reading and absolutely loved. In fact the lady in the store where I bought it told me "this one is a real bible", and she was right.

It's a fantastic tool for healing. The reason it's so special is because the author Louise Hay has been through so much adversity from a young age, she didn't even get a go at life before her pain. But she has emerged one of the most famous gurus of self-help and healing.

Louise suffered years of physical and sexual abuse and hard labour as a child and she was raped at just 5 years old. She then spent years fearing her attackers release from prison because she was told it was all her fault. As a young woman she was constantly mistreated by men. Then, when she was happily married her husband decided he wanted to marry another women. 

She began a healing journey for herself which then led to working with clients. After years of talking to people about their pain, it became obvious to her that all illness is related to our thoughts or a belief system we carry within us about ourselves and the world around us. Then one day, she was diagnosed with cancer.  Having worked with clients who had cancer of various areas of the body she knew exactly what she needed to do to release cancer from her body and she healed herself.  She then created an index of all different illnesses, the probable cause (belief system) and a healing mantra she created to help people turn those belief systems around (this is found in the back of this book). 

This book is so empowering as it reminds you that anything is possible and that the power for healing and positive change lies within all of us.

What I love the most is that each chapter starts with an affirmation and ends with an action affirmation to help you take charge. She covers relationships, work success, prosperity and the body. And they are the most beautiful, healing, empowering affirmations i've ever read.  The beauty of these is that you can implement them whenever you want to, morning, noon or night. I've been doing them most days and they take me from flat and uninspired to positive, energised and refocused in a matter of minutes. Plus! I feel more grateful after I do them, i'm happier and therefore more productive. AND they have the added benefit of sticking with you throughout the day. I even find myself repeating them into the evening and the next day.


The following is one of her guided meditations which is really beautiful and healing, this is quite possibly my new guided meditation I love it so much : ) and you can find plenty more on youtube.


I feel so grateful for this resource and so fortunate to have read it. And i'm almost 100% positive that you won't regret reading it too, it's transformational, another healing gem!

Please let me know how you find it, what your thoughts are and if you enjoyed it as much as me.

Much Love!