HEAL Documentary

I'd been patiently waiting for this film to be released online for months and I finally got a chance to watch it last night. I was absolutely blown away, it resonated with me a lot and at points through the film I had tears running down my face. So of course I had to share it on here. It's hopeful, uplifting, empowering, inspirational, motivational, incredible, emotional and beautiful.

HEAL focuses on the power of emotional healing to release and dissolve illness in the body.

It explains exactly WHY & HOW our emotions like stress and trauma impact our bodies on a cellular level and create dis-ease in the body. And how positive, loving emotions and supportive loving relationships create wellness and healing in our bodies. 

It's all about energy, vibrations, cells and how it all starts in the mind with the thoughts we choose to think and the belief systems we have about ourselves.

It features some of my favourite experts - Dr Bruce Lipton, Anthony the Medical Medium, Deepak Chopra,  Joe Dispenza and many more and addresses many health conditions including cancer, tumors, skin conditions, MS and other autoimmune diseases. It's so great to see a film reinforce the healing powers of mediation and resolving emotional disease as we do on the Overcoming MS Recovery program. I got a lot from this film and walked away feeling like I was absolutely 100% on the right track for healing.

This is my new favourite for sure! and an absolute MUST WATCH for anyone dealing with illness.

You can find it on iTunes and DVD here

Let me know your thoughts!

Much Love!!

Simonne Xx