6 Spiritual Teachers I Love! They will inspire you, motivate you and help you heal

These spiritual teachers are hands down incredible!

Each one has revealed themselves to me over the years of my healing journey whether through a conversation with a friend, chatting to my boss or reading a magazine article as if to say - here I am, I can help you with this.

Then as I began to devour their information I noticed when I put what they were teaching into practice, things started to change in my life in a really positive way.

Collectively these spiritual teachers have taught me things about the human body, about myself and about life that I had no idea about before. They’ve helped me to feel empowered when I’ve felt worried or helpless. They’ve lifted my spirits and helped me stay motivated when I’ve felt like it’s all too unfair. And the most important of all, they’ve made me realise the immense power of the mind in manifesting our reality.

So I thought I’d share them with you in case you haven’t discovered them yet, because they are such amazing people and staying motivated on OMS can be tough. But these teachers will empower you, they will inspire you, and they will help you heal.

  • Dr Joe Dispenza

Dr Jo Dispenza’s story is the most incredible. He was in a car accident when he was 23 years old which left him with serious spinal injuries. He refused surgery that threatened to leave him a quadriplegic and used his mind to visualise his spine healing in perfect alignment. Yip! VISUALISED his spine healing. He committed his mind day in and day out, for months until he mastered his mind and eventually began to heal his spine and walk again. He now devotes his life to educating people about their potential for greatness and unlimited abilities plus the immense power of the mind to heal the body. He is a true legend!


  • Eckhart Tolle

I’ve become addicted to listening to Eckhart Tolle on you-tube. His speeches are so beautiful, the way he speaks is soft and slow and thoughtful yet so profound and he also has a great sense of humour.

Eckhart is the master of the present moment and teaching us just how we can do that - a philosophy I now live by after my diagnosis. When I get lost in thought or too far ahead of myself I remind myself to come back into the present moment and really just appreciate the now and it’s soo incredible how this one little thing can have such a big effect on your life. If you need help and guidance in this area Eckhart Tolle is your man.


  • Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is one of a kind. What I love about Deepak is that he combines the mind in terms of yoga, meditation and self awareness with an ancient Indian form of medicine called Ayurveda. Ayurveda is something I’m finding fascinating right now as I learn more about it and the specific body types or doshas.

Interestingly he started out in Western Medicine but became “disenchanted” with giving out prescription medication. He then turned to alternative medicine and created The Chopra Centre which provides experiences, education, training and products that improve the health and well-being of the mind, body and spirit. If the Chopra Centre was in Australia I’d be there in a heartbeat!

He’s also written several books in this field, one of which is called “The Healing Self” that I’m super intrigued to read.


  • Dr Wayne Dyer

I discovered Wayne Dyer only recently and he is one inspiring human. He has a background in counselling and psychology and has written over 40 books in the field of self development and spiritual growth, including 21 New York Times bestsellers. I quite often spend evenings listening to him just before sleep. He is amazing at teaching about the power of manifestation and the way in which we can manifest exactly what we want in life among so much other wisdom.

“Despite a childhood spent in orphanages and foster homes, he overcame many obstacles to make his dreams come true and spent much of his life showing others how to do the same. His main message was that every person has the potential to live an extraordinary life.”- www.drwaynedyer.com


  • Bruce Lipton

Bruce Lipton is such a great character, he has so much passion and energy. What I love about Bruce is that has literally proven that our cells, our biology, are all influenced by our environment, debunking this idea that our genes are our fate.

Essentially we are in control of our state - our state isn’t in control of us. We influence our cells on every level but especially with our subconscious, pre-programmed behaviours. He also shows how we can re-programme our subconscious to create exactly what we want in life.

"Bruce Lipton is an American developmental biologist best known for promoting the idea that gene expression can be influenced (via epigenetics) by environmental factors i.e. people have a greater impact on their health than genetic research has previously determined. He is the author of the book, The Biology of Belief, and is a former researcher at Stanford University’s School of Medicine.” www.wikipedia.com


  • louise hay

Louise Hay is my absolute favourite! Her book You Can Heal Your Life has literally changed my life and sits next to my bedside, I refer to it almost daily.

She is the master of “your thoughts create your future” and much like Bruce Lipton is about re-programming our subconscious to become the person you want to be or create the life you want to live. She is the manifestation self love master!

I listen to Louise’s morning and evening meditations and I recite her affirmations constantly. She’s also thought me the value of being my own best friend and having my own back.


6 Spiritual Teachers I love!

In a nutshell…

  • Dr Joe Dispenza

  • Eckhart Tolle

  • Deepak Chopra

  • Dr Wayne Dyer

  • Bruce Lipton

  • Louise Hay

Now you know about them you can devour their books and their you-tube channels too, like I do, anytime you want.


Much Love x