8 Simple things I do to get my health back on track

Crescent Head, NSW, Australia

Crescent Head, NSW, Australia

I shared this post on instagram earlier this year and it had a great response. I thought I’d share it on here incase you missed it or don’t follow me on instagram as this is really the foundation of how I manage things from day to day. I call these the basics because they really are so easy but so powerful.

Whenever I’m feeling run-down or symptomy, maybe I’ve worked or socialised too much and I can feel symptoms rise up and their just not budging, I remind myself to come back to these first and really focus on them for at least a week (if not consistently) and they always get me back on track asap.

The audit I go through generally goes something like this…


Am I drinking enough water? 1-3L of clean filtered water every day as dehydration makes symptoms worse. Feeling fatigued? Drink more water.

Drinking enough water is actually a game changer when it comes to MS. I didn’t know this for years after I was diagnosed and learnt the hard way. Staying fully hydrated boosts energy, blood flow, cognition, it also helps with clear vision and balance.


Am I getting enough sunlight? 15-20 minutes on as much skin as possible daily for healthy vitamin D3 levels. Vitamin D3 has been linked to myelin repair in the brain - so for something we get for free from Mother Nature that’s a pretty incredible healing tool. Also am I supplementing enough? 5000iu per day when no sun on OMS and when I’m working a lot inside and can’t get out in my breaks, I’ll supplement.


Am I getting consistant early nights? going to bed by 9-9.30pm and to sleep no later than 10.30pm (earlier if possible) + keeping regular sleep wake cycles. Good quality restful sleep is so so important for feeling your best, it’s the first thing I focus on.

When I havnt’t slept well my vision is worse, my balance is off and I’m generally more emotional. So sleep is THE most important at for me.


Am I staying strong and getting enough exercise? At least 3-5 times per week, strength work & cardio or just whatever you love to move your body. I love walking so I walk most days when I’m not working. I also love pilates so I’ve been trying to go more often. I’m really hanging out to get back in the gym too, so we’ll see.

I notice if I havnt exercised it’s easy for me to feel flat and sluggish. Exercise really helps to boost my mood and energy.


Could I amp up my diet with more fruits and veges? am I having green smoothies? Eating a variety of plant based foods is great for brain health including the sulphur family, antioxidant family (brightly coloured) and greens (3 cups of each if you really want to amp things up).


Am I being grateful? This one is HUGE and always puts things into perspective asap for me. Try listing 20 things your grateful for every day (proven to increase happiness by 25%) Eg. Can you see? ...can you talk?... is there food in your fridge? ...hot running water?... a roof over your head? ...a comfortable bed to sleep in? etc...then think about what life would be like without those things.


Am I meditating enough? Should I increase? At least 30 minutes per day is great but I go through times when meditating 2 to 3 even 4 times per day is needed to offset stress.


For a boost I jump on you-tube and watch interviews and talks from the following inspirational speakers - Dr Joe Dipsenza, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Wayne Dwyer, or Ekhart Tolle. These are the most amazing spiritual teachers that always shed light when it’s needed. Whenever I ’m feeling a little lost or in need of inspiration or motivation I jump on you tube and listen to one of their clips which always picks me up.


  1. Water

  2. Sunshine

  3. Sleep

  4. Exercise

  5. Wholefoods

  6. Gratitude

  7. Meditation

  8. Find motivation/inspiration

Some pretty simple things but don’t underestimate them, when used all together consistently they have so much healing power. Focusing on all of these things and really mastering them for at least a week but ideally consistently really helps to get my health back on track and feeling my best asap. ESPECIALLY sleep, water, fruits and vegetables.

In my experience if you can master these it’ll make for a much smoother ride with your symptoms, your happiness and your vitality.

Much love!

Simonne x