A Journey to Peace through Yoga

A Journey to Peace through Yoga - Lynette Dickenson

A Journey to Peace through Yoga - Lynette Dickenson

I was gifted this book to read after Ben started a new job. His boss bought it in to him one day after he'd told her of my diagnosis, as Bens boss and Lynette are good friends. I'm so glad she did because this is such a beautiful, inspiring, soulful book that I may never have found otherwise.

Over the course of the book the author Lynette Dickenson takes you on this massive journey of self discovery. She struggles through a new baby, an MS diagnosis and decline with all the indignities that MS entails, marriage challenges and financial challenges. But she literally transforms her mind and her MS when she discovers Dru Yoga.

After suffering years of decline with MS which got to a point of needing home care, she begins yoga teacher training in a wheelchair - yip a wheelchair!. She reads and devours all the information on Dru Yoga and starts to visualise all the sequences in her mind, as clearly as she can, day in and day out, then what happens next as all her visualisation manifests is truly amazing!. It's really such a beautiful empowering story. Lynette is living proof that the power of visualisation is real.

She also shows how she uses all the breath work she learnt from yoga teacher training during the many challenging and stressful times throughout the ups and downs of her life to get herself through as calmly and lovingly as she could.

She has inspired me to not only start yoga again but the immense value in learning the spiritual side of the practice, the breath work and everything it entails. Lynette also shows how life is a journey not a race and when you have a spiritual practise and a healthy mind, you can translate that into a healthy body. She's an absolute warrior and I've learnt so much from this book, it's well worth a read!

Sending all my love to you Lynette! thanks so much for writing such an inspirering valuable book!! there are many that will benefit from you sharing your story.

Much love!!

Simonne x