Float Therapy for De-Stressing & Relaxation

Float pod at Sydney Float Centre

Float pod at Sydney Float Centre

Floating in a human sized pod filled with 500kgs of epsom salts gently warmed to 35 degrees so your body looses all concept of time and space while you effortlessly float and meditate for an hour - YES PLEASE! sign me up!!

When my colleague told me about her float tank experience after I mentioned I missed my bath she completely sold me. If you've followed me on instagram for a while you'll know how much I love and use magnesium. I use the supplements and the spray on my achy muscles.  But this is the first apartment we've lived in where I don't have a bath to do my weekly epsom salt soak, during the winter months I miss them dearly. So I decided to give float tanks a go and what a beautiful experience it was! so much so that I thought I’d share it because this therapy definitely supports and promotes healing.

my floating experience

The office is calm and relaxed when I enter. I fill out a short information form with my details, nothing too involved, I didn't even need to specify my diagnosis.

I was then asked to take a seat in the next room which is a chill out zone filled with comfy couches, Himalayan salt lamps, hammocks and yoga mats, and a huge floor to ceiling chalk board full of positive vibes and testimonials of people loving the experience. This helped to ease the nerves because the thought of floating in a confined space is a little unsettling. But I soon learned you can leave the pod lid open if you want to and that many people with claustrophobia have reported they didn't feel claustrophobic in them at all.

I was then taken into my own room complete with float pod and shower, ear plugs, freshwater spray for my eyes if they get salt in them, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and a towl, so you really only need your swimmers. Before you float you take a quick shower, put your ear plugs in and slip into the water. It’s warm and buoyant I was so surprised at how floaty I felt.

I lay down and immediately bounced to the top, my arms floating on the surface next to me. It took me a while to relax my head but I soon did and was again surprised that the salty water supported its weight. The most beautiful soft sounds of nature slowly begin to play for the first 10 minutes, I closed my eyes and began to focus on my breathing like I do in my meditations. After 10 minutes the music fades out and your floating and not thinking, just being and floating and relaxing for the next 40 or so minutes. My tummy started to gargle half way through which I know is the rest and digest or parasympathetic nervous system kicking in.

The music slowly started to play signalling my time was up. I slowly got out and rinsed off in the shower. It was so relaxing I honestly could have jumped back in for another hour. Time almost stands still when your in the pod. I emerged in the chill-out lounge and took my time to get my things together before leaving at my own leisure.

In terms of reactions or cautions the only thing I noticed was the next day after my first float I experienced a big emotional release, it seemed to bring up and purge a lot of emotion I must of had stored. But it soon passed within a day and I figured this was a good thing to release from my body.

I found the whole experience so beautiful and calming and the perfect rest after a busy week at work, it takes your mind off everything. I went home crawled into bed early and slept like a baby.

I’ve since done many more and would highly recommend them to anyone with MS looking for a therapy to help with relaxation, stress relief, muscle tension relief or just simply wanting some space to unwind from the busy demands of life.

Much love!