Getting the most out of your Infrared Sauna - my routine

I realised the other day that more goes into my sauna sessions than meets the eye, and these things are actually really important. So I thought I’d take you through what I do pre, during and post, as there are a few tricks I’ve picked up over the years.

This routine will help your body ease in and ease out of doing infrared saunas. Plus it will help to support your body with the detox process, make you feel better afterwards and just generally help you get the most out of each session, so you feel your best!

Clearlight Infrared Suana Dome

Clearlight Infrared Suana Dome


  • Pre sauna


Exercise boosts your circulation and to get your blood pumping in preparation, which will give you a lovely head start. Saunas naturally increase blood flow, but it’ll take your body a little longer to get your blood pumping in your sauna if you haven’t boosted your circulation first. I usually go for a brisk walk prior.


Drink plenty of filtered water beforehand and make sure your fully hydrated before jumping in. Don’t make the mistake of doing a sauna when your dehydrated as it will exasperate things and make you feel worse. I did this once and awoke the next day feeling terrible, I had to spend the whole day at home rehydrating to get back on top of things. I’ve found dehydration exasperates symptoms anyway so you don’t want to compound things by doing a sauna on top of dehydration. I usually sip on water throughout the day and try to drink at least 1L before a sauna.

keep it light

I recommend keeping it light with smoothies, fruit, and light food in small amounts prior. If you do happen to eat a big meal, wait a few hours till it’s digested before you jump in. Overburdening your body with a big meal just before a sauna will make you feel worse.

Wash your face & remove makeup

Clean and clear your skin so your pores have an outlet to sweat. If you wear antiperspirant deodorant have a shower first and wash this off as you want to expel as much sweat as possible.

  • During

play relaxing music

I usually put some meditation music or anything from these spiritual teachers to listen to while I lay there for 30 minutes. It’s super relaxing, inspiring and uplifting as you can’t do much at all in the sauna domes except listen. If your in a seated sauna you can read if you want and sip water throughout. You could also put a few drops of lavender of frankincense on your towel for more relaxation.


I tune out of my thoughts and just listen and breath for about 30-40minutes while I lay there.

  • After

Take it slow

Slowly get up if you’ve been laying down (in a sauna dome) and sit for a little bit to compose yourself and feel settled before you get up. If you're in a seated sauna it’s a little easier to get out, slowly make your way to the shower. Make sure to dry your feet so you don’t slip.

Take a Shower + do a coffee scrub or dry body brush

You want to wash all the sweat and dead skin cells off your body which could contain toxins like plastics, heavy metals, glyphosate, or excess hormones. I cover myself in a peppermint coffee scrub and scrub off the dead skin cells from all over - behind the ears, between the toes, belly button, legs, arms, chest etc. If you don’t have a coffee scrub you can use a dry body brush. Wash your hair thoroughly, and exfoliate your face with a facial exfoliator or facial brush. I usually do a quick cold shower at the end to revitalise, especially over my head.


As you’ve just lost some water and electrolytes you need to slowly re-hydrate. Fill your water bottle and carry this around with you to sip on. Coconut water is also great for natural electrolytes. Watermelon is also cooling and hydrating as well.

And thats it!

I’ve been doing this routine for months now and I’m loving it.

I’ve noticed so much improvement lately especially combined with the Advanced TRS Detox Spray. I jump out feeling so energised these days. Hopefully signs that all the toxic stuff is coming out and freeing up my body for good health!.

I’ve had a few messages from people curious about saunas and MS, and whether they should or they shouldn’t do them. Each person with MS is so different so it’s hard for me to advise.

In terms of my experience, I began in Winter as I can’t handle the cold very much and wanted something to warm me up. I'd done them before my diagnosis so I knew what to expect, but I went into my first appointment a little nervous. I recommend keeping the heat low and comfortable and slowly increasing the heat the more sessions you do, if you want. You can always jump out if you're uncomfortable. Also doing a cool shower afterwards helps get your body temp down. Just take it slow and enjoy the relaxation. If you're feeling weak and just starting out, the above routine might be too much for you, making sure your hydrated beforehand is the main thing but don’t push yourself! everyone is different.

I definitely credit the ongoing healing I’ve had on OMS with healing my heat sensitivity. This post here describes how it’s healed over the years if you wanted to read more.

I’ve been using my Clearlight dome sauna for a good year now and I don’t think I could live without it. In terms of detoxing they are fantastic! and benefit my sleep, energy levels, clarity of mind, skin, detoxing etc. I’ve listed all the benefits I experience in this post.

If your interested in a dome sauna like mine just email Helen Forrest at They don’t advertise the Dome saunas on their website but should have some in stock. Mention code SHWMS and receive $100 off your purchase.

If you guys have any tips too let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear them!

Much Love

Simonne x