Medical Medium Books & Celery Juice


The Medical Medium is such a fascinating character.

Last year I read two of his books and loved them both so I wanted to share them on here. I also dabbled with drinking his infamous Celery Juice, so I thought I’d share how I felt drinking Celery Juice and why I stopped + why I love his books so much.

Medical Medium’s first book

Medical Medium’s first book


Medical Medium - Secrets Behind Chronic And Mystery Illness And How To Finally Heal

I really enjoyed reading this book, I read it so quickly I found it hard to put down. Anthony offers such a unique but very plausible reason as to how autoimmune disease came about and what exactly the key drivers of autoimmune disease are.

If your not familiar with Anthony the MM he’s been hearing a voice he calls spirit since he was little. The voice first spoke to him and told him his grandmother had cancer, which she did. From there he and spirit have gone on to heal thousands of people. Spirit is so powerful it even picks up on peoples ailments just by being in their presence. He finds it difficult to do simple things like go to the supermarket without spirit bombarding him with peoples health problems as they walk past. I can’t even image how difficult that must be, he says a simple trip out and about literally exhausts him.

Anyway, he puts the true cause of Multiple Sclerosis down to the Epstein Barr Virus and other viruses hiding in our livers - hands up whose had Epstein Barr Virus in the past and now has MS?? me!.

He goes through the whole life cycle of the Epstein Barr Virus (I found it fascinating it actually had a life cycle) and how it lays dormant and manifests itself. There’s also a few different forms of EBV and not all are related to MS. But for those of us with MS Anthony believes it’s due to a certain form of EBV laying dormant in our livers for years, once we become compromised with stress or toxins it manifests later as MS. He believes that once these viruses are killed in the liver we should be healed. Thats where celery juice comes in and his protocol.

I had EBV in my teens, also known in New Zealand as Glandular Fever and I believe Mono in America. It knocked me out of high school for weeks and reared up again many times for years afterwards. It felt impossible to shake at the time but eventually I stopped experiencing the swollen glads and fatigue when I was about 20. I went through my 20’s relatively healthy then at 31 I quickly deteriorated and was diagnosed with MS, almost out of the blue, no family history and no obvious warning signs.

Anthony also talks about calling on archangels to help us heal, I found this part of the book so beautiful - if your spiritually inclined I think you’ll love it too. If not it may not be your cup of tea.

Medical Medium - Life changing foods

Medical Medium - Life changing foods


Life Changing Foods

I also really love Life Changing Foods. It goes through different fruits and vegetables, herbs and spices and talks about how they help support different health concerns eg. Pears help with pancreatitis, liver cancer, food poisoning, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and much more. Also how they support us emotionally eg. “an overburdened, over stressed and over heated liver is often behind someones unsettled emotions such as frustration, irritation, uneasiness or lack or peace”.

Then he explains the spiritual lesson involved with each food eg. “the pears simplicity is a lesson for us. Here’s a fruit that’s not complicated in the least, not flashy, exotic or hard to find…they teach us that we don’t have to cry out for attention or sit in resentment for not being noticed …”. Cool huh?

He does this for each fruit and vegetable so you can look them up and see how they can support whatever health concern your having.



Enter Celery Juice!

1 cup of pure organic celery juice

1 cup of pure organic celery juice

Anthony and spirit believe celery juice is the cure-all for getting rid of or detoxing viruses and toxins hiding in our livers that drive autoimmunity. He says it also apparently clears our skin (he’s been drinking it for years and his skin is seriously so wrinkle free), helps with depression, autoimmune disease, chronic fatigue, migraines, etc etc.

I was super busy and a little over whelmed at work at the time and thought trying it wouldn’t hurt. I started juicing and drinking organic celery every morning, first thing on an empty stomach (as recommended), around mid last year. I couldn’t see any drawbacks except maybe some detox reactions, and it did help me! big time!!.

Celery Juice is seriously like rocket fuel for me. I noticed after a detox breakout in my skin that I had increased energy, felt calmer especially when under pressure, had clearer thinking and quicker reflexes. It allowed me to power through so many days of work that I came to really rely on it on work days. I liken it to coffee but not with the caffeine shakes and dry mouth you get from coffee. But definitely the upper, energy, clarity, go go go feeling.

However at $7 per bunch of organic celery and needing 1 whole bunch every morning it not only became tiring buying bunches every few days it also got expensive. Also storing the big bunches took up a lots of fridge space and the popularity started to drive the price up at my local healthful store - it’s now $11 a bunch! which is ridiculous!

Also due to the increasing popularity all of a sudden I couldn’t get it at the supermarket either. And that was the end of that - no more celery for me.

But I also started to notice it gave me digestive upset towards the end of the day, I would get a bloated and crampy tummy which made it hard to concentrate at work. I don’t know if this was some kind of detox symptom or what but it became so unsettling I was happy to stop.

So thats why I had to give up, not because it doesn’t work but because it was getting a little too costly and hard to find. One day when I have my own organic vegetable garden I will grow copious amounts of celery plants, a celery rain forrest if you will, and juice to my hearts content!!

Right now I’m detoxing mercury using a product called TRS. This gives me the same benefits celery juice has because both work in a similar way - detoxing. MM says viruses LOVE heavy metals, and once heavy metals are eliminated so to are the viruses, so I’m happy with TRS for now.

But I highly recommend these books, they’re definitely different but th’s what i liked about them, they’re refreshing. But like I say if your not much of a spiritual person they may not be your cup of tea. I recommend celery juice too if you wanted to detox the super natural way and can afford it, why not. Give it a go and see how you feel.

Much Love!

Simonne x