Mercury Detox Months 3 to 6 - Not what I was expecting!

please note i’m not a dr or naturopath - This post is not intended as health advice

It’s been a good few months since my last detox update and I’ve had a few messages asking how things are going, so here’s a nice big update for you! So sorry for the delay but I have a good excuse! - morning sickness!

A few months ago we found out I was pregnant and my morning sickness kicked in at 7 weeks and was pretty full-on. I’ve been super tired and nauseous most days, but also pretty foggy too. I’ve just been listening to my body and resting heaps while I get through it. But I feel like I’m slowly coming out of it now so fingers crossed!

For this post I had high hopes it’d be the brain phase post where metals and toxins are finally meant to come out of the brain. Coseva say to stay on TRS for at least 6 months to see the “real results” and July would have marked 6 months for me. I’d been eagerly anticipating it and I almost got there, almost!. I made it to month 5, but decided to stop when I found out I was pregnant.

However my detox will continue! I’ve decided to start taking it again, I’ll explain why below. I’ve also included an update on how I was feeling before I stopped, some interesting new detox reactions, all the gains I’ve had so far including a really cool breakthrough with saunas. Plus some reassurance if your nervous about starting.

taking TRS during PREGNANCY

I would never normally consider doing a detox during pregnancy, however I’ve done my research and feel TRS is safe because it’s different from conventional detox’s.

The founder of TRS says it’s completely safe to take during pregnancy and breast feeding (video linked below) but I wanted to do some more research within the TRS facebook groups (70,000 members) and see what people were saying, and what I found was really reassuring.

I read so many positive stories of mums who’ve given birth to healthy babies while taking TRS. Many are posting 6 monthly updates and saying how much different both pregnancy and postpartum are for them from previous pregnancies. They noted more energy in themselves, quicker and gentler post birth recoveries, calmer babies, healthy birth weights and super clear eyes. I found it not only to be safe but I realised it can actually help mum and baby to be healthier.

The difference with TRS is that it’s more of a “contaminant removal system” over a conventional “detox program” which sets TRS apart.

The fact is that the Clinoptilolite zeolites in TRS sequester and remove toxins with zero risk of “dropping” toxins, “shaking loose” unbound toxins, and/or redistributing toxins in vital organs like the kidneys/liver. In fact, TRS will NOT redistribute toxins in your baby’s body, and would only continue to safely detox. The basic physical properties of the zeolite crystal make it indestructible in the human body, so it retains its integrity in vivo. This means that it does not break down and does not redistribute toxins.
— TRS A Safe Heavy Metals Detox Facebook Group

This is the main reason I chose TRS in the first place as most other detox products can cause redistribution, where metals and toxins get stirred up inside the body and redeposit in other areas, which can cause more symptoms and damage.

I’ve also been eating so much more fish than I had been (Bens been catching lots and my body is loving the extra protein). With being off TRS for 7 weeks I felt like I was reversing some of the hard work. I really don’t want to be depositing more toxins and heavy metals into my system while I grow a new little human.

So I decided to do a little experiment on myself and took a few sprays a day for a week (around week 10) and that was probably my best week. I was jumping out of bed in the morning much easier, my energy had increased - I was finally able to leave the house and go for a walk. I still experienced nausea but I could manage it more easily which helped me nourish myself after weeks of bread, crackers and soup (or beige food as I call it : /). I actually had a raging appetite that week. Then my bottle ran out and my morning sickness and energy levels flailed once again.

So I started taking it again last week when my new bottle arrived. I’m currently on 2 sprays at night and 2 in the morning (as I was already up to 5 sprays before I stopped). So far I’ve noticed an increase in my energy, my mood, my clarity of mind and much much better focus. Of course I have my moments of needing rest but it’s much better than how I was, basically on the couch or in bed all day, most days. I’m also aware I’m now in my 2nd trimester when morning sickness symptoms naturally fade, so it could be a natural progression but I really feel TRS is helping things along.

I’ve linked some good resources below that helped ease my mind, but the closed TRS facebook groups with mothers sharing their stories are really great. There’s nothing like hearing experiences and seeing photos first hand. When you buy a bottle you can ask to join these groups. Just search pregnancy on TRS within the group and you’ll see heaps of testimonials.


Closed Facebook Groups to join

  • A Safe Heavy Metals Detox - 72,000 members

  • TRS Safe Detox Australia - 250 members

detox update - gains & reactions

Right now I’m still getting back on my feet but prior to getting pregnant I was feeling really great, lots of energy, clarity of mind, calmness, and feeling like an overall vitality was coming back.

Month 5: Red hot rash on my cheeks

Month 5: Red hot rash on my cheeks

  • infrared saunas + TRS in month 5 = magic

This was amazing! In month 5 after taking 5 sprays per day for months, I noticed a whole new level of vitality straight after doing my saunas. I would jump out literally feeling amazing and so energised straight away which doesn’t usually happen. Usually I’d experience the gains the next day and they were more subtle than this new experience. But this new experience was more of an instant clarity, vitality, energy boost straight after. I’d increased my saunas to once a week to help my detox along and once I started feeling these gains I was wanting to do them as much as possible.

This felt like I was getting deeper and deeper into my detox and starting to experience a level of vitality I hadn’t in years and it was the BEST feeling - maybe the brain phase was finally kicking in!.

However now that I’m pregnant I can’t do saunas and I’m really really missing them! I’ll be jumping back in mine as soon as I can after this bub is born.

Month 5: Bruise like rash on my wrist

Month 5: Bruise like rash on my wrist

  • rashes, swollen glands, hot & cold

In terms of detox reactions I’ve noticed a few different symptoms. Although the nausea and emotional releases had subsided, when I trialed increasing to 6 sprays (3 in the morning, 3 in the evening) from 5, I broke out in a red hot rash on my cheeks and little red dots all over my body (image right). This photo doesn’t really do it justice, it was on both cheeks and the red dots were all over my legs and tummy.

I also had swollen glands and was running hot and cold. I thought I had measles but my measles test came back clear so figured it must have been either TRS reaching deeper levels or some kind of virus. I reduced back to 5 sprays and it disappeared.

Yesterday I muscle tested myself and my body said that 5 sprays is perfect for me without causing detox reactions, so I feel 4 is good for me right now.

If your interested look up “muscle testing” to help gauge sprays and how your bodies handling TRS, there’s some great video tutorials in the Facebook Groups on how to do it.

  • dark bruise like rash

I had this for weeks, it wasn’t sore and I don’t remember injuring it so it may’ve been detox related as well (image right).

  • ear canal pain

I had pain in my right ear canal for at least a month then it moved to my left. It wasn’t as painful as ear ache, more the ear canals were tender to touch. I’ve read ears are part of detox and it’s common to have ear problems during detox, so I just left it and it subsided eventually.

consistant improvements

A list of improvements I’ve had in my health since starting TRS in February…

  • clearer vision

    This I noticed a month or 2 into my detox. I have clearer vision like the sharpness has been turned up and looking into the distance is clearer. I see this in the Facebook groups too, so if you have glasses or vision problems TRS might help you. In terms of nystagmus I noticed them calm after having my 5 amalgams removed and then calm further with TRS.

  • Increased energy

    TRS is so amazing for my energy levels. I find it much easier to get out of bed every morning when I’m on it. I haven’t found anything else (apart from OMS) that comes close to boosting energy as much as TRS has for me.

  • clearer mind

    I really missed this when I was off it, I felt more brain foggy but since starting again I have a nice clarity back.

  • Better motivation, decision making & focus

    I noticed this with being off TRS as well, within days of starting again my decision making, motivation and focus was so much better. I was getting things done around the house much quicker, able to focus on writing blog posts easier. It was also easier to get the motivation to cook dinner, things were just happening more easily with less lethargy and procrastination.

  • No more detox nausea!

    Swapped for morning sickness nausea for several weeks - good fun!! Easing now though

  • Clear colourful dreams

    This is one of the coolest gains I wasn’t expecting with TRS, it’s been such a great surprise. My dreams are so clear, colourful and vibrant like a new world has opened up in my dreams + better dream recall as well because they’re so vivid and memorable.

  • better sleep quality

    Waking feeling more refreshed like my sleep quality is better and so much easier to jump out of bed in the morning.

  • Feeling lighter in my body

    This I’d say is a combination of everything I do including my MS medication, OMS which is the diet and lifestyle program I follow for MS and detoxing with TRS. Now I can run and skip down our stairs with ease like the old me. When I was diagnosed my body was so so heavy like my legs were full of lead - those with MS will know what I mean.

  • increased vitality

    Improved so much since starting TRS in February, before falling pregnant it was about 70% back, then in month 5 with infrared saunas I felt it go to a whole new level.

nervous about starting Trs?

For those who’ve emailed me and are nervous about starting, please don’t be. I completely understand it’s a bit scary, I was like that too, but once you begin to feel the improvements in your health I’m sure it’ll put your mind at ease. Plus it’s such a great feeling seeing improvements in your health as you go, it’s exciting wondering what else will improve from week to week. It’s also the safest detox I’ve ever come across because of the simple fact it doesn’t cause redistribution.

Just be mentally prepared for detox reactions like fatigue, nausea, maybe a little anxiety at times, brain fog, skin breakouts, achy body, as they might happen but they might not. For me they weren’t as bad as I’d thought they’d be. We’re all different so you might not experience any of these, a lady emailed me who said she had persistent coughing which I didn’t have. I probably had 1-2 really bad weeks of feeling achy, tired and emotional amongst all of it then I had nausea for weeks but I was still able to work part-time through it. Which reminds me, it’s a really good idea to avoid stress during these phases as it’ll drain you even more and make you feel worse.

I think most people are nervous because they don’t want to go backwards to go forwards but it’s so worth it. It really is temporary pain for long term gains in your health. You can also start super slow with 1 spray a day and stay on that for a longer period of time which will be more gentle, just go with how you feel and what’s right for you.


For those who’ve emailed me regarding autism, I don’t have personal experiences myself just what I’ve read in the Facebook groups, but it seems amazing for autism. There are lots of parents with autistic children who are making progress, many of them having speech explosions and behavioural improvements, it’s really cool to see. Or just try a quick google search “advanced TRS and autism” and see what pops up.

So that’s how things have been going for me over the last few months!

I’ve had lots of amazing gains so far which has been so great to experience, but as you can see I’ve still been experiencing more detox reactions into month 5, an indication things are moving and releasing still.

The best gains have definitely been after increasing infrared saunas to weekly (before pregnancy). Infrared saunas are a great way to speed things up and help the body along with detoxifying, but they’re also a great way for you to feel better too. If your interested I’ve written a post on my sauna routine which explains what I do pre, during and post to get the most out of my sessions. I swear by it.

But of course with pregnancy your body goes through huge changes. So many hormones and extra demands on my energy as I grow a whole new person. It’s only natural to feel fatigued and nauseous right now but being back on TRS is definitely helping.

I’ve also come to the conclusion I’m someone that just needs longer to detox. Mainly because I’m still experiencing detox reactions which means I have more work to do. They say the amount of damage one has in the first place is relative to ones length of time healing, so I’ll remain on TRS for as long as it takes.

Hopefully this update has helped answer your questions and give you an overview of where I’m at.

Hoping the “remission phase” one pregnant with MS is meant to experience, kicks in soon!. Thanks so much for all your tips and advice on instagram, really appreciate it.

I’ll report back in a few months when I have more to share. In the mean time I hope everyone’s doing well and feeling good!

Much love!

Simonne x

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