Mercury Detox Week 1 - Symptoms, Hopes for Healing & Nano Zeolites

I’ve finally started my Mercury detox! or should I say my full body everything detox : /

While I’m excited at the prospect of more healing breakthroughs long term, at the same time I’m not-so-excited about what I’m about to go through as I know it may not be pretty. But I’m thinking long term here and I know it will be worth it in the end. I’ve decided I’m willing to suffer (or maybe thrive, who knows!) over the next 6 months to hopefully see more gains in my health.

Coseva Advanced TRS Spray

Coseva Advanced TRS Spray

I would LOVE to shake my nystagmus for good, I would LOVE to knock any lingering fatigue on the head and function like all my friends who can go go go and not crash or worry about “over doing it”, and I would LOVE to achieve a whole new level of happiness, vitality and calm in myself and my life.

They may sound like big asks but I’ve read a bit about mercury toxicity since diagnosis and it’s link with MS and my gut has always told me that this is something I should do and it’s something that might help me. My Dr also said that detoxing would help improve my eyes and my fatigue so fingers crossed.

In my last post Functional Medicine for MS - My Results I mentioned I was thinking of using a product called Modified Citrus Pectin to detox over DMPS chelations (that my Dr had recommended). Although it sounds like a really amazing product I thought shipping from the US might be a little tricky and costly each month, so I’ve decided to go with a recommendation for Coseva’s Advanced TRS Spray.

Once I started researching about Advanced TRS I found so many positive testimonials and families sharing their stories online. People have mentioned speech explosions in their autistic children, more energy, less sickness and increased healing times if they did get sick, clearer minds, clearer eyes, brain fog lifting, hydrated skin, better hair growth and so many people who say they are eternally grateful for this spray, so it definitely picked my interest. I’ve since joined a few Advanced TRS facebook groups where people are posting their progress daily which not only is encouraging but so amazing seeing peoples lives literally change from this one little product.

what is trs spray? & how does it work?

TRS stands for Toxin Removal System. The ingredients are man-made nano-zeolites and purified water. Zeolites have a high negative charge and a strong affinity for toxins as toxins are usually positively charged. TRS detoxes ALL heavy metals so considering Gadolinium contrast dye is a heavy metal I’m pretty sure it would detox that as well which would be fantastic, but I’m waiting to hear back from Coseva for confirmation. Gadolinium contrast dye is that horrible blue dye they pump into our veins during MRI’s so our brain lights up, but fail to actually tell us how toxic it is!

TRS removes any toxin with a positive charge and that includes heavy metals and toxic elements - aluminium, mercury, arsenic, fluoride, barium, strontium, uranium, lead, etc, pesticides and herbicides, plastic residues, toxins from moulds and yeasts, carcinogens from smoke and haze and also any radioactive material in the body.
— trs safe detox australia

how it works…

With the nano zeolites encased in water, a good way to think about it would be hundreds of thousands of little toxin magnets encased in water molecule clusters going into your body. These toxin magnets are attracted to heavy metals, pesticides and any other toxin that has a positive charge. Their tiny size (0.9 nano metres) means that they have a huge amount of surface area to capture toxins and the encapsulation in water molecule clusters means that they can go wherever water goes and cross the blood brain barrier easily and detox the body at a cellular level.

Once toxins get stuck in the magnets they are captured within the zeolites cage-like structure and are rendered inert and have no chance of breaking loose. This is why TRS does not cause redistribution and damage to the body.

TRS is transported out of the body mainly through the urine and other usual elimination pathways. As the nano zeolites are so tiny, the kidneys don’t have to filter them, that’s how gentle this method of detoxing is.
— TRS Safe Detox Australia

My first few days on TRS…

I got started last Friday (8th February 2019) when I felt rested and ready. When you first start they advise 1 spray a day for a week and to gradually increase the dosage to 5 sprays a day, 2 in the morning and 3 at night.

Day 1: I started with 1 spray before bed. The bottle was just starting so it was more like 2 half sprays.

Day 2: I woke-up feeling average but was able to go out walking which made me feel better. I felt a bit fatigued that afternoon but I was able to go to my friends little boys 1st birthday party and I really didn’t feel much difference. I took 2 sprays before bed thinking maybe I needed to up my dose.

Day 3: I slept 10 hours last night and woke feeling really good. I did 2 sprays again in the morning thinking I might be able to handle the increased dose but I got so tired that afternoon that it plain wrote me off. I rested all day and also felt pretty emotional.

Day 4: I slept lightly last night and woke feeling average this morning but I was able to go walking. I didn’t take any sprays this morning after yesterday’s experience and decided to go back to 1 spray a day to avoid any full-on detox reactions. After my morning walk I did a 30 minute infrared sauna followed by some dry body brushing and a cold shower to help my body detox more. By 1pm I was starting to feel pretty tired but this is more likely due to poor sleep, a big walk and a sauna over the TRS. I did 1 spray before I went to bed.

Day 5: I slept a little better last night but still woke-up not feeling very rested, hot summer sleeps can be a bit like this for me. I worked this morning and have felt fine today. It’s 36 degrees celsius today so I feel shattered from the heat over anything else. I did 1 spray before bed.

Day 6: I took some magnesium before bed last night and had a much better sleep. I woke up feeling fine, went for my morning walk and still feel fine. It’s also much cooler today which helps with the energy levels.

So things have been pretty mild for me so far as I ease into it. I think 1 spray a day is a lot better for now and I’ll look to increase to 2 sprays (1 in the morning, 1 in the evening) by this coming Sunday.

symptoms so far…

  • Fatigue, probably the most notable symptom so far. I noticed more fatigue with more sprays

  • Feeling emotional at times (this could also be my hormones so we’ll see how things go). Feeling emotional is a normal detox reaction as stored emotions tend to surface so they can be released from the body for good, not the funnest symptom to have to go through but great for our health in the long term.

  • Nausea on day 4 after a sauna. I drank lots of water afterwards to help flush things through & rehydrate

  • Excessive thirst every day since starting, this could be the heat as Bens noticed this as well

  • I noticed 2-3 minor shooting pains in my bones - I’ve never had that before

  • Bad breath and funny taste in my mouth when I wake up. Horrible I know but I’ve read this is a common symptom as things die off in the gut. On day one I thought the detox wasn’t working as I wasn’t feeling any different then Ben mentioned about my breath which confirmed that something must be happening.

It’s a little frustrating that the process has to be so slow but this stuff is deceiving, it’s small but strong, so slow and steady is definitely best.

I’m still on OMS (plant based + seafood) so I’m eating nice and healthy + the lifestyle side of things as well including daily 30 minute meditations, sunlight exposure (vitamin D3), exercise and 20 mils flaxseed oil daily. I also take iron, B-complex vitamins and vitamin C supplements as well as probiotics. Work is pretty quiet for me right now to so it’s a good time to get started while there’s minimal stress on my system.

Additional things I’m using to help detox…

  • Infrared Saunas as much as I can. Infrared saunas are great for detoxing through the skin. I’ve written this post on all the benefits I notice if your interested

  • Lots of filtered water every day

  • Daily dry body brushing to detox the lymph, it’s also energising and helps boost circulation

  • Rest and self love when needed

  • Journaling to help the detox journey

  • Meditating more if I need to

  • Exercising daily - boosts the mood and helps get the circulation going

  • Morning oil pulling + brushing my teeth with activated charcoal to detox my mouth

That’s a little overview of how things have been going lately, pretty mild so far for my first week. I’ll be doing regular updates every few weeks and probably little bits here and there on my instagram too. For those of you not with me on instagram come over and join me so you can see the whole picture.

Let me know if you have any questions or if anyone has used TRS before or is using it now, I would LOVE to hear from you. Feel free to email me at and let me know how your going.

I hope you guys are having a lovely year so far!

Much Love!


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