Mercury Detox Week’s 2 & 3 - Improvements & Glimmers of Hope

I've just hit week 4 of my detox and I’m up to 4 sprays per day, so I wanted to give you guys an update on how things have been going because I'm starting to notice improvements already! it’s really exciting.

As I mentioned in my Mercury Detox Week 1 post I’m using a product called Advanced TRS Spray to detox which contains nano-zeolites immersed in water. Nano-zeolites are basically like little magnets for toxins and heavy metals, they bind to anything with a positive charge (including all heavy metals, plastics & pesticides) and gently sweeps them out through the urine.

Advanced TRS Spray

Advanced TRS Spray


I emailed Coseva to ask if Advanced TRS detoxifies gadolinium dye from contrast MRI’s and they replied…

If the dye is metal based, then perhaps. There are hundreds of possible dyes used in medical procedures, so I can’t answer this question except in the most general of terms. If the dye has a positive charge, then yes, ATRS may remove that dye. If the dye does not have a positive charge, then no, ATRS will not remove that dye. Dr. Tracy Holdford
— Coseva support

Considering Gadolinium dye is a heavy metal I feel like it would detox this as well.

Gadolinium is a silvery-white, malleable, and ductile rare earth metal.

How its going & how I’m feeling…

I've been feeling really good over the last 2 weeks which is a lovely surprise, I was not expecting to feel so good this quickly. Week 1 (first 7 days) took a little adjusting but now I feel much better. A number of things are improving in all the right areas too (listed further down this post), which is exciting to see at this early stage.

Feeling good probably has a bit more to do with the fact work has been quiet lately and I’ve had more time to myself. Less stress in ones life is always a good thing especially when your detoxing and dealing with MS. We’ve also had friends visit every weekend which has kept me busy and my mind off things.

In terms of symptoms they havn’t been super notable over the last few weeks except a rather aggressive UTI I got on the weekend. The pain was so bad on Sunday while we were away but luckily I had antibiotics with me.

Tip: If your susceptible to UTI’s (urinary tract infections) ask your Dr for a repeat on your script and grab both doses at the pharmacy so you can keep a box in your bag or first aid kit for emergencies. This has paid off so many times for me especially when we’ve been travelling. Also follow any antibiotics up with a good course of probiotics to help re-build your good gut bugs again, as antibiotics detonate our good gut bacteria.

UTI’s certainly arn’t the funnest things to have to deal with. I ended up napping for 2 hrs on Sunday afternoon then slept pretty soundly that night as well. I’m not sure if the fatigue was from the detox, the infection or the antibiotics. I finished antibiotics today, thank goodness! so I shall see how the coming weeks go.

I’ve since read on the TRS facebook groups I’m part of that this infection could be whats known as “re-tracing” when old infections flare back up temporarily.

Detox or Retracing Symptoms
Common physical symptoms include diarrhea, constipation, aches or pains, muscle cramps, discharges, odors, rashes, headaches, or fatigue. Others include getting a cold, a flu, or retracing an old case of bronchitis, pneumonia, hepatitis, or some other infection. Old wound sites, scars, or injury sites often flare up, become painful or reddened, and then disappear.

Common mental and emotional symptoms may include irritability, anxiety, fears, anger, depression, feelings of panic, brain fogginess, or others. Long-forgotten memories occasionally surface, or one may have unusual dreams as the brain processes traumas or incidents from the past. In fact, symptoms may include almost anything. Most healing reactions are mild and pass quickly.

Burning pain upon urination. For example, rarely a person reports burning pain in the urethra and bladder area upon urination. This occurs in children, at times. The cause is a release of an irritating toxin through the kidneys and into the urine. The best way to handle it is usually to drink more water, and perhaps take an Epsom salt bath – but no more than 3 baths per week.

I’ve also noticed I need to be close to a toilet straight after taking TRS in the morning. For some reason this tiny amount of zeolites seems to activate the bowels almost straight away, sorry TMI (too much info) but I just thought I’d worn you if your thinking of using TRS too. But this is a good thing as the bowel is one of our main detox pathways and needs to be running smoothly in order for us to detox effectively.

Apart from the above I’ve been getting the odd feeling of nausea, a few little sensations on my legs like an insect is crawling on me (more MS related or TRS could be flaring this symptom I havn’t had for years) and the fatigue is up and down but not as bad as the first week. But the great news is I can see some definite glimmers of hope already.

glimmers of hope so far

1EA8ADCA-685C-488F-81D6-929A885E6F9D 2.jpg
  • better sleep quality

I’m waking up more refreshed like my sleep has actually renewed me. I still have a little underlying fatigue if I’ve over done it the day before, but I feel like I’m getting deeper, better quality sleep. I’ve noticed a definite improvement.

  • increased energy levels & vitality at times

Ben and I have both noticed I've had more energy and I feel like my vitality’s coming back. This is pretty up and down though. I still have my moments of needing to rest and be on my own but overall I’m feeling better in these areas.

  • clear colourful dreams

This has been the coolest thing to experience. I’ve noticed my dreams are so clear and colourful now which is pretty amazing. I’d always wondered if I dreamt in colour and never knew but now I can definitely tell you I dream in colour, it’s like a whole new world in my dreams, along with better dream recall as well.

  • feeling better emotionally

In my last post I mentioned a symptom of detoxing called “emotional release” which I experienced during the first week (not helped by my hormones). This is when the body releases stored emotion from past experiences in order to heal us, as emotions (if not dealt with at the time) can get trapped in our bodies and make us sick. Basically detoxing can be an emotional rollercoaster and it’s something I’d been dreading with this detox, yet the last few weeks I’ve felt really good. I’m pretty sure this symptom will ebb and flow as the months go by.

  • more clarity of mind & better focus

My mind is starting to feel clearer at times like I have more clarity around things and I’m finding it’s easier for me to focus. This is such a great feeling. I’ve read a few testimonials about people who’ve said their brain fog has lifted and they feel like they have their minds back. That’s what it feels like for me. I’m really looking forward to this getting better and better so my fingers are crossed.

  • clearer vision

This one has been such a surprise. When I look around now I feel like I can see things clearer and in more detail like someone has turned up the sharpness in my vision. I’ve also had beautiful calm moments with my nystagmus as well.

supporting detox...

Nothings really changed since my last post. I’m still drinking plenty of water to help flush my system daily as well as dry body brushing to flush the lymph most mornings. Diet wise I havn’t had to make any big adjustments as I’m on OMS (plant based + seafood) which is already a super clean way of eating. If you want to see all the foods we eat on OMS I created a WHAT I EAT page, also linked at the top of my blog. I also use natural mineral make-up, no toxic deodorant, moisturiser and perfume as well as non toxic cleaning products so I’m not ingesting any more chemicals than I need to.

Food wise I’ve mainly been eating green smoothies, acai bowls, sourdough toast with marmite and avocado, herbal teas, salads, raw treats and my usual plant based dinners like vegan nachos, vegan pasta or sometimes salmon and salad. I’ve consciously cut back on seafood where I can which is probably my biggest challenge being engaged to a keen fisherman. But I feel fish offers us a good source of protein on OMS so I don’t want to discard it all together, it also diversifies our meal choices as well, and how could I resist freshly caught fish that my man has caught!. So I’ve made a rule for myself for this detox not to eat the big fish like kingfish or tuna and just stick with the little guys which are less likely to be contaminated.

I havn’t managed to squeeze in any infrared saunas over the last 2 weeks, but I definitely will be jumping in one the next chance I get. Maybe tomorrow! I love doing infrared saunas and have been doing them for a couple of years now post diagnosis. I love how they make me feel, I notice a clearer mind, better sleep, increased energy, clearer skin and more. I wrote this blog post 11 Benefits I notice from Infrared Sauna Therapy if your interested in reading all the benefits I experience. If your wondering how on earth I handle doing saunas then please read this post Heat sensitivity, Cold sensitivity & Infrared Sauna Therapy.

If your interested in more reading this is a great article too on why we should detox with infrared saunas and another on the many health benefits as well.

detox improvements overall…

  1. Better sleep quality

  2. increased energy levels & vitality

  3. clear colourful dreams

  4. feeling better emotionally

  5. more clarity of mind & better focus

  6. clearer vision

So only after 3 weeks I'm noticing some really great improvements. Hopefully good signs of what's to come, it's exciting for sure. Although, there is a part of me that’s still very cautious as things can pop up anywhere along this detox journey I’m sure, so I’m cautiously optimistic at this stage.

But I find it pretty incredible how these little heavy metals accumulate in our bodies without us even knowing and have such a detrimental effect on our health. Even after only 3 weeks on TRS with the improvements I’ve experienced so far I think everyone, MS or not, should seriously consider this product for detoxing. I’m finding it so gentle and easy to incorporate into my day. I’ve still managed to work and socialise and I havn’t had to make drastic changes to my diet which has made it so easy.

I’m always interested in other peoples experiences so if your using TRS or another heavy metal detoxifier I’d love to know how your detox is going too. Have you noticed any of the same things as me? … feel free to share your improvements or wisdom in the comments below, or email me privately at

I hope everyones having a lovely week!

Much love!

Simonne x

PS. As I’ve been writing this post I’ve increased to 5 sprays a day which is the maximum dosage they recommend per day. I think I’ll give things a good month and check back in for an update then. Take care!

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