Mercury Detox weeks 4 to 8 - my worst weeks so far

It’s been nearly 2 months since my last detox update and things definitely amped up in the detox department for a while there. For about a month I was really feeling it, so I wanted to give you guys an update and let you know how I’ve been going, what I suspect is happening in my body and how I feel now.

The major detox reactions started when I upp’ed to 5 sprays per day (the maximum amount of sprays recommended by TRS), I’ve been on 5 sprays since then (nearly 2 months) and for about 3-4 weeks this is what I was going through…

symptoms - first 4 weeks on 5 sprays

  • chronic Nausea & fatigue

    Some days were so overwhelming I would have to lay down or rest my head on my desk at work. Most days I couldn’t even handle the smell of food cooking and I pretty much lost my appetite for 3 weeks which was a worry because I love food. I had to force myself to eat and became more of a grazer snacking on small things to keep me going. But then, a few times during those weeks I noticed suddenly out-of-the-blue I’d feel happy, upbeat and my appetite would come raging back. Then all of a sudden as quick as it came, I’d be nauseous again. This actually got so bad I took a pregnancy test because people were asking “are you sure your not pregnant?” haha and no, I can safely say I’m not pregnant. I posted a comment in the TRS Facebook group I’m in and it seems this is a common symptom of detox. Some people mentioned they had to stop their sprays all-together for a few weeks and another mentioning a detox phase called “die-off”. After a little research I learnt more about "die-off".

Die-off, also known as the Herxheimer reaction, is a bodily process triggered by a sudden increase in endotoxins. These harmful substances are released when microorganisms in the body such as fungi and yeasts, as well as bacteria, are destroyed. Rapid destruction of microorganisms can cause a flood of endotoxins. When this occurs, your immune system responds by triggering an acute immune response resulting in inflammation that can be experienced throughout the body. This can cause a worsening of current symptoms and the development of new symptoms.

Die-off can be the result of medications such as anti-fungals or antibiotics. What many people don’t realize when they suddenly change their diets during a detox or cleanse, or even just a switch to a healthy eating plan, is that this is also a common cause of die-off and its accompanying symptoms. Here’s why.

The bacteria and yeasts that live in your gut thrive on sugar. A small amount of these bacteria and yeasts, including the very small amounts of Candida that is critical for digestion, are beneficial. However, if you’ve been consuming a diet high in carbs, sugar, and alcohol, you likely have a lot more of these than your body needs, and they fuel your desire to consume even more carbs and sugars. When you limit your intake of sugar and carbs, it starves this overpopulation, causing a die-off.

As yeasts die they release a toxic substance called acetaldehyde, which is the same byproduct that is produced when you drink alcohol. Acetaldehyde is a neurotoxin, so it can be irritating to your brain and it can even cause neurologic symptoms, which is why some people literally feel as if they are drunk during a die-off. To make matters worse, yeast also produces a toxin known as gliotoxin, which can suppress your immune system and damage liver cells. I’ll get more into why this is so crucial in a bit. Because your body is being flooded with toxins faster than it can clear them, you can experience a range of issues that typically last 3-7 days.

Symptoms of Die-off...
Brain fog
Moodiness and irritability
Diarrhea or constipation
Joint pain
Skin issues
Flu-like symptoms

Having been on OMS for over 3 years my diet is pretty clean. But like most of us with MS I’ve had my fair share of medications and antibiotics over the last 3 years, not to mention what I’d accumulated pre-diagnosis.

But also thinking back, the nausea started straight after I took antibiotics for an infection I got while on TRS, so maybe that’s why, or maybe a combination of both “die-off” and antibiotics.

I found a great article on how to avoid “die-off'“ or “Herxheimer Reaction” on Mind Body Green if your going through the same thing, this might be worth a read.  Avoid a Healing Crisis - Common Snags & How to Dodge Them

This experience has reminded me of a Hexheimer Reaction I had when I started drinking Kombucha years ago after leaving hospital. I broke out in cystic acne all over my face. Every morning I would wake up to more and more big lumps around my jawline and forehead, they were so big and painful and I’d never had acne before just the od breakout. I was also nauseous and fatigued. I had no idea until I researched it and found Kombucha can cause a Hexheimer Reaction or “healing crisis” as it’s also known, due to the active bacteria in the Kombucha. I’d been on weeks and weeks of steroids, Tegratol, antibiotics, several contrast MRI’s, then eventually Tysabri and the oh so delicious nutritious hospital food, not to mention the emotional upheaval. These are all things that wreak havoc on our gut health including the sterile environment of a hospital for 9 weeks. Thankfully after stopping Kombucha for a while and drinking more water it quickly cleared up, then I could resume drinking it again.

I learnt that Herxheimer Reactions can manifest in different ways for different people. That first time was through my skin and this time with chronic nausea and fatigue.

Other symptoms I experienced during that time…

  • Flat mood - from nausea, fatigue and general detoxing

  • Fatigue - feeling super sleepy much like deep MS fatigue, then moments (not hours - maybe 10-20 minutes) of energy and clarity

  • Days of great concentration and clarity of mind then days finding it harder to concentrate

  • Mild anxiety at times

  • Heart palpitations 1 day - I noticed my heart going boom boom boom in my chest

  • Random memories from my past popping into my mind, this has been so strange. Things I’d completely forgotten about from my teens and my 20’s like my brain is unearthing them again.

  • Sensations in my limbs like a bug has landed on me and is crawling up my leg. This was something I had for the 1st few years after diagnosis, I hadn’t experienced it again until starting this detox so I feel the detox is flaring this symptom

  • Od sharp and shooting pains in my toes and fingers

  • Body aches and pains especially in my neck and shoulders. I’ve been seeing an Osteopath who also practises Cranial Sacral Therapy and Acupuncture and she’s helping a lot.

  • A few skin breakouts especially after sauna’s. The sauna usually clears my skin but I feel like it's pushing things out

  • Excessive thirst - sometimes finding it hard to get enough water in

  • Sore and sensitive eyes at times

  • Emotional - I talked about emotional release in my previous detox post when emotions get trapped in the body, during a detox they can be released.

As you can imagine it’s been pretty frustrating, just feeling like I can’t do anything, feeling sick and fatigued all the time, it’s been hard. But at the same time I’m happy it’s working and I’d rather have it out than in. It’s a positive sign that things are starting to move through my system.

I trialed going down to 2 sprays for a few days, I also had a few days with no sprays at all. But I found I still felt nauseous the next day so I resumed 5 sprays again. I thought if I’m going to feel sick and tired I may as well be on the TRS and continuing with my detox, than feeling sick and not taking it, and not feeling like I’m moving forward. This decision will vary from person to person. If I was working full time I probably would have had to stop as avoiding stress is really important.

positives im still experiencing…

  • Dreaming in colour, clearer dreams and better dream recall

  • Improved sleep, waking more rested and refreshed

  • My vitality is coming back which is exciting

  • Clarity of mind like a fog has lifted

  • Clear vision, much clearer looking into the distance

After seeing some great progress in the first month of detox it was a crappy feeling to go backwards. It’s never an easy feeling when you so badly want to see positive results and feel better. But it’s all in the name of moving forward with healing. That’s what a detox is all about after all, getting the bad stuff out!

In terms of helping my body through this phase I’ve had to slow right down and take it easy. I’ve been getting lots of rest, plenty of water 2-3 L per day, meditating, journaling and snacking through the nausea as big meals were hard to stomach. I've also been oil pulling and dry body brushing most mornings to detox my mouth and stimulate my lymphatic system which helps with blood flow and aids with detoxification.

My plan is to do 4 more months at 5 sprays per day (6 months total) then dropping back to a permanent maintenance dose of 1 spray a day. Coseva recommend at least 6 months is required on TRS as it takes a while for heavy metals to be released from the brain and the 6 month mark is where we’re meant to see the real results. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but how can one not when they have an autoimmune disease that affects the brain, so I’m naturally excited to see how I feel at the 6 month mark.

I was asked if I’m working with a Naturopath through this detox and I’m currently not seeing anyone, only because I hadn’t found someone I clicked with. My toxicity was picked-up through a Functional Dr I was seeing last year who I unfortunately didn’t feel confidant or inspired to work with. But recently I was given a referral to a good Naturopath so I’m keen to book an appointment with her at some stage and see how my levels are. In the mean time the TRS Facebook groups I’m part of are amazing support.

The reason I was able to write this post is that I havn’t had nausea for a few weeks now, so fingers crossed I’m past the worst of it!

I’ll check back in when I have more news to share! maybe in another few months.

I hope you guys are doing well!

Much Love! x