MOTHER DIRT - natural probiotic skincare for healthy, glowing skin

This product is FASCINATING.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

I recently discovered it after listening to the president being interviewed on a podcast and the penny dropped for me, it makes perfect sense. 

The company is called MOTHER DIRT and is a range of products for promoting and encouraging the growth of good bacteria on our skin. Mother Dirt utilise the AO bacteria or Ammonia Oxidising Bacteria also referred to as the "peace keeper" bacteria.

This AO bacteria is all around us naturally in nature and it actually takes toxin build-up from the environment around it and transforms it into healthy things for the environment to then use, and it has a hugely positive impact on our skin microbiome.


why is this important? and why am I sharing it with you?

When the microbiome on our skin gets disrupted it can play host to a whole range of issues. From dry and flaky skin to acne, breakouts, eczema, sensitivity, blotchiness, roughness, oiliness, and body odor.

With the recent research surfacing on the microbiome influencing illness i've become more and more interested in restoring my good gut bugs with fermented foods and probiotics. So applying probiotics topically as well makes perfect sense. And since being diagnosed i've found my skin is more prone to breakouts that I never use to experience before, and I find them harder to control. 


1. We are actually just as much bacteria as we are human (reference)

2. Our skin is our largest organ (reference)

3. What we put on our skin soaks in (reference)

Mother Dirt benefits all of the above skin issues and has over 600 reviews. Users have reported that they no longer need to use soap in the shower, they no longer smell with body odor or have acne breakouts. How cool is that! 

The range consists of only 4 products. A mist, cleanser, shampoo and a moisturiser. Potentially eliminating all the other products in your beauty routine!

Mother Dirt AO +Mist

Mother Dirt AO +Mist

Mother Dirt Cleanser

Mother Dirt Cleanser

Mother Dirt Shampoo

Mother Dirt Shampoo

Mother Dirt Moisturiser

Mother Dirt Moisturiser

The Mother Dirt range is also fairly easy on ingredients eg. the AO+ Mist has 4 ingredients, the moisturiser 6, all of which are plant based and fragrance free.  They also don't use preservatives in any of their formulas, and they source "pure, unpreserved raw ingredients."

However, there is a catch for those of us not in America. It's really expensive to get in Australia eg. $50 shipping from America.

So, as I do, I did a little more research to see how I could get the benefit of these products on a budget.  And I found something interesting, it doesn't utilise the AO bacteria as such but its been shown anecdotally to improve skin breakouts and it's really quite obvious. KEFIR! the probiotic rich, fermented drink.

Lately i've been using my coconut water kefir morning and night as a toner (dabbing a little on an eye pad) and my skin is clearing from a recent breakout. I'm not sure whether its the kefir or something else i'm doing, so time will tell, and I shall report back. But i've found many other people on the internet using kefir on their faces for this reason and finding great benefit with breakouts.

So it seems - probiotics for our tummies make for a healthy gut microbiome and probiotics applied topically make for a healthy skin microbiome.

If your interested in learning more i've linked the podcast below by Melissa Ambrosini interviewing  Jasmina Agnovic the president of Mother Dirt - it's fascinating and well worth a listen.

So let me know what you think, if you've tried this range i'd love to hear your feedback, or if you've tried kefir on your skin let me know and we can compare notes!

Much love & healthy glowing skin!

Simonne x