Latest MRI Results December 2018

Before my latest MRI in the blue robe

Before my latest MRI in the blue robe

Just a little update today to let you know my latest MRI results. If you follow along with me on instagram you will already know the good news.

My latest MRI which I had a few weeks ago showed no new plaques or disease activity at all, so that’s officially 3 and a half years relapse free and new plaque free since I was diagnosed.

I had wondered what this MRI would show as this year is the first year since diagnosis that I’ve had to deal with work stress again but thankfully it was all clear. I guess all the meditation, healthy eating, vigilance, exercise and self love is paying off and balancing out the stress hormones.

So if your on OMS (Overcoming MS) hang in there!! and don’t underestimate your body’s ability to heal when you give it the right tools. As you can see with my journey the progress is slow and steady and it also ebs and flows, but it does slowly happen.

Also, don’t ever feel like it should all be smooth sailing. Life is gritty and raw sometimes and there are ups and downs and highs and lows but I always try to move through these with as much self love as possible and trust that the tough times will pass, they always do. A simple affirmation I use during the ebs is…

This too shall pass

Say this to yourself often to remind yourself it’s only temporary and trust when I say, doing OMS is completely 110% worth it.

I hope you guys are having a lovely Christmas break and are feeling amazing!! we are back in New Zealand for a few weeks and it is absolute magic!

Much love!

Simonne x