November 2017 MRI results, healing & overcomming stomach bugs

Thanks so much for all your kind messages and support while I was sick recently. It turned out to be a nasty stomach virus which took me 7 days to come out of. I could only eat a little bread over that week so I lost a bit of weight and got super weak and dehydrated. I'm slowly getting my strength back, which will also probably take some time. But it wasn't MS related - THANKFULLY!! it just took longer for my body to fight it. Your messages really helped ease our minds so much!! thank you! xxx

Today I had an appointment with my neurologist and got my latest MRI results. 

It was all good! no new lesions or disease activity in my brain AT ALL.

He flipped the computer screen around to show us and said that my brain seems to have healed itself 100%. It was so lovely to see but especially for my mum to see as well, she's visiting from New Zealand and cared for me for 7 weeks at my worst. Mums are just the best!!! so it was great having her there to hear it first-hand.

He then compared it to my old scans from when I was diagnosed and showed us the 3 big lesions/white plaques in my brain stem, which have all healed. There are no white plaques in my brain stem at all on my recent scans. I only have 1 pin prick sized lesion left in another area that's always been there.

He said looking at that I should keep healing and my eyes will keep improving. It's a pretty amazing feeling to be honest, especially considering Ben and I both remember him saying to us back then that the white plaques don't disappear completely.

I had considered, if this MRI showed new lesions, that I would go 100% raw vegan to take my healing to the next level. But it seems everything I'm already doing including the OMS recovery program, Tysabri and eating as much organic, fresh plant-based foods as possible is doing the trick. The OMS recovery program includes daily meditation, sun exposure or supplementing with 5000iu of vitamin D3 if no sun, 20mils flaxseed oil daily for omegas, exercise and a plant-based + seafood diet which is best described as vegan with seafood, with a strict policy on oils. We're only allowed extra virgin olive oil and flaxseed oil cold, oils are never to be heated.

Dr Jelinek says that OMS takes between 3 and 5 years to see remission generally and it's very slow and gradual, so having this news only 2 years in on my OMS journey is amazing!! 

I couldn't recommend diet and lifestyle changes enough!! it seriously feels like magic is happening in my life right now.

In terms of symptoms that I still have. My eyes are constantly improving, I've definitely noticed a big improvement since starting work. I find during my moon cycle that my hormones will affect my eyes and for the first few days of my period nystagmus will flare a bit and I get a bit dizzy, but I can still function and you'd have no idea by looking at me. If I get run down or super tired they will move around a little more too but nothing crazy.

My balance is about 90% back which is fantastic, but I'm aiming for 100%. I find strength work at the gym and staying strong and toned amazing for my balance and lifting things. I also still experience fatigue, but it's nothing like it use to be. If I get good sleep and eat super healthy (lots of veges) then I can generally push through it. BUT if I push it for too long it will back-fire on me, symptoms will flare and I'll need more rest to recover. I also still have some slight numbness in my hands that I pray will disappear over the next year or 2.

I see my body as a battery now. If I take too much from it then the battery gets depleted. But if I balance that out with rest, good healthy food, sleep and self love then it recharges. I'm always conscious of my battery and keeping it as charged as possible, but it's always a balancing act. I've never had to be so conscious of my health holistically as I do with MS.

So please hang in there if you've just started OMS and wonder if all the sacrifice is really worth it - it DEFINITELY is. My old life is really starting to fall into place this year and it feels amazing. It just takes time.

Hope you guys are having a lovely weekend!

Much love!!

Simonne Xx