T H A N K Y O U Selma Blair

This is so moving to watch!

Actress Selma Blair giving an interview about her MS diagnosis with Good Morning America while she’s in the middle of a flair that’s affecting her speech. What a brave lady!

Give it a watch and let me know what you guys think.

I found it interesting to hear her say that Dr’s couldn’t help her either, and put it down to being a busy mum, this is like so many of us. I personally saw 3 Drs before I was referred for an MRI, then another Dr and 2 specialists in hospital before I was formally diagnosed which took weeks while I got sicker and sicker.

Selma has also been interviewed for an article with Vanity Fair about her diagnosis too which is a great read, if your interested I’ve linked it below. I loved her ideas on creating stylish clothing and walking sticks for people with disability - so needed!

Selma Blair Vanity Fair article

I think it’s so amazing she’s spoken out about her diagnosis to raise awareness, it’s so great to see.

I feel awareness is everything, it leads to better understanding and support which is what the MS community needs so desperately. Views are already on 97,945 for this video alone and she’s hit 1 million instagram followers.

Thank you Selma!!

Much love

Simonne x