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14 Things I Remind Myself During the Ebbs

I have 14 tips to help you on your healing journey. These are all the things I like to remind myself during the tougher days of healing to help me stay positive and motivated, keep it all in perspective, and feel and function my best.

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The ebbs & flows of healing MS, Iron & B vitamins

A post on the ups and downs of healing, my triggers, a recent symptom flare, listening to your body, and the importance of getting enough Iron and B Vitamins on a vegan, plant-based or OMS diet.

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My experience with returning to work after diagnosis & 2 years off

Returning to work after 2 years off is a daunting prospect. Returning to work with MS in the fashion industry is even more daunting. This post includes the initial emotions I experienced, disclosing my illness, foods and little hacks that help and some of the benefits i've experienced.

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