about this site

After being diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in my early 30's and suffering a pretty severe episode, quite quickly the questions started swirling in my mind. What can I do about this? how can I benefit and support my body through this? and what research and resources are out there? I was in desperate need of hope. And to my surprise I found some real life-changing information which have become all the amazing resources on this site.

One of the most critical is the OMS recovery program (Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis) By Professor George Jelinek as it has literally changed my world. I now eat a plant-based diet with seafood and i've learnt just how powerful and healing plant based living is. It has done wonders for my MS and I just keep going from strength to strength with my recovery. This program makes you realise that a recovery from MS is really quite possible.

As well as sharing nutrient rich foods and OMS friendly recipes, I also share MS friendly products - I love chemical free & certified organic, inspirational films and books, and updates on my own journey.

Also be sure to head over to my instagram account @stayinghealthywithms for more inspiration and recipes, linked above and below.

Much love!!