overcoming multiple sclerosis

by professor george jelinek


the evidence based 7 step recovery program


I started OMS shortly after returning home from hospital around August 2015. Currently I’ve been relapse free since starting OMS and I feel amazing on it. My recovery has gone from strength to strength and has been an incredible transformation from where I started. I very much doubt I would be doing so well today if I didn't start OMS. My ultimate goal is recovery and I believe it will happen. I feel OMS is really just about nurturing your mind and body and getting back to basics, back to the way we should be eating, thinking and living.



  • Accept the diagnoses and express the associated grief

  • Determine to do whatever it takes to get well

  • Commit to an ongoing process of exploring and resolving emotional and spiritual β€˜dis-ease’ and resolving unfinished business – this may be facilitated by keeping a diary, talking to friends or counsellors, attending an MS support group and meditating.

  • Embrace the recovery program as a new way of living well

  • Diet & Supplements

    • A plant based, whole-foods diet, plus seafood, avoiding saturated and altered fats.

    • Omega 3 fatty acids, 20gms (20mil) a day of flaxseed oil or in fish

    • Optional B group vitamins, B12 supplement if needed

I've expanded on what exactly we on OMS eat and the cooking methods we use on the What I eat page which helps to clarify the diet more.

  • Vitamin D

    • Sunlight 15 minutes daily 3 to 5 times per week exposing most of the body

    • Vitamin D3 supplement of 5000iu daily in winter or if no sun in summer, aiming for a blood level of around 150nmol/L

  • Meditation

    • 30 minutes daily


  • Take one of the disease modifying drugs regularly

  • Take steroids when you have flare-ups

Below is the latest OMS book which has been updated and revised. If your interested in giving OMS a go please start by reading this book it is INCREDIBLE and will give you so much hope. It will make you understand that it is quite possible to recover from this illness through some very simple and inexpensive diet and lifestyle changes.

Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis - Real life stories of hope and inspiration is also fantastic and motivating as it's testimonials from people who've achieved remission on the OMS program.

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The 2nd edition of Overcoming MS by Professor Jelinek

Recovery stories from people on OMS

Recovery stories from people on OMS